Just Jump

Hey, guys. Guess what I did yesterday? I’ll give you some hints. It involved crossing a New Year’s resolution off my list, an in-state road-trip with a best friend of mine, an extreme amount of nervousness paired with excitement and exhilaration, and diving. Into the air. From a height equal to that of a seven-story building.

Yesterday, I bungee jumped. It was terrifying and absolutely amazing. While climbing the stairs, which seemed to never ever ever end, I thought I might pass out. I was light-headed from being both giddy and petrified. Once Katie and I were to the top, the instructor informed us that we’d have to jump headfirst into the air or we’d get whiplash. GULP. As if jumping wasn’t scary enough. I went first, and once I pushed through the gate and was standing on the edge, I could not believe I was about to DIVE into what seemed like, from where I was standing, a never-ending amount of space. My heart felt like it was beating outside of my chest and everything instinctual inside of me was telling me I was absolutely insane for even standing there. “I don’t know if I can do this.” I remember saying that. I mentally did not feel like I was capable of making myself jump headfirst from seven stories up in the air. It’s all a little bit blurry, but our instructor then said something like, “It’s not about if you can or you can’t. It’s about if you will.” And that’s all I needed. To remember these are words I try to live by every single day. To know that I would, of course I would. To turn off my brain for the second it took to let my body take over. To just jump.

I can only put into small fragments of what that was like. A small scream. My heart beat. Ecstatic laughter. The awareness of nothing and everything at the same time. Approximately twenty-five thousand butterflies in my stomach. The feeling of momentary weightlessness. Of pure elation. Of being on top of the world whilst simultaneously soaring through it. Of falling. Of flying. Of being caught only to be thrown up into the air, breathlessly, once again.

Katie went after me and I cheered her on from the ground, smiling and cheering and screaming, “Just jump!”  Because sometimes this jumping, this throwing caution to the wind, this letting go and telling your mind to just hush for a bit, is the best, most rewarding, freest feeling in the whole entire world.

(Special thanks to Miss Katie for sharing such a magically adventurous day with me ((and conquering her fear of heights!)), and the dudes at Zero Gravity who were fun, sweet and helped in making such a memorable, magnificent experience.)

25 thoughts on “Just Jump

  1. Wow! I seriously applaud your courage doing this, I know I would never go for it! I love the way you described the experience – you really write fantastically 🙂 Glad you got to tick it off the list!

  2. Aaaaagh! Jealousssss!
    I wanna bungee jump! I think I’ll do it at the Great Canadian Bungee. I keep thinking it might be a little underwhelming since I’ve already skydived… But it’ll probably be a different sort of thrill, right? Head first?! I had no idea!
    Glad you do this and enjoyed the experience!

    • It was so fun! And I haven’t skydived yet, (Resolution was either zipline,skydive or bungee jump….I went with the cheapest haha) but want to! I’m thinking yes to the different sort of thrill though. Perhaps we can switch next year and report back? Eh?! 😀

  3. Tessa says:

    Props to you, woman. The older I get the more fearful I become.
    Also, this is really well written. All of your blogs are, but your description of the jump was beautiful. Cheesy of me to say, but true!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! That is INSANELY AWESOME! I don’t know if I would ever have the guts to do it…not afraid of heights, just terrified of the thought!! haha You’re incredible! Nice job crossing that off the list!

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