Bullet Points Of A Magical Week

My Thanksgiving week was a wonderful one full of friends, family, friends who are also family (and vice versa) and oh so many moments to be thankful for.

Moments from a very magical week:

  • As mentioned in my last blog, my friend Katie and I went bungee jumping in Dallas last Monday. This awesome day also entailed a road-trip and fun rest stops and plenty of hysterical laughing sessions. On the way there, we stopped at a Mexican restaurant that played Christmas music and made me feel festively fuzzy feelings. On the way back, we stopped at a shady-looking lingerie store (Because…why not?!) and a restaurant that served delicious, locally brewed beer. On our ride to and from, I talked to Siri on Katie’s Iphone. I don’t have Siri on my phone, and playing with this technology seems to turn me into a five-year old boy. Below you can see proof of my maturity and what I got Siri to call Katie :

Hee. Hee. Hee.

  • I woke up to donuts and a rose from the hubby a few days ago. It wasn’t a bad way to wake up at all.
  • (My “Little” brother makes me look pretty puny.)
  • Thanksgiving day was spent with my mom’s side of the family. On both my dad and mom’s side, I’m really lucky to have such a fun family that I’m close to in both age and spirit. On the Lowry’s side, I’m exceedingly amused by the fact that the younger generation has, in a sense, overrun the older one. My grandparents are nondenominational pastors who are against drinking, foul-language and premarital sex. (You know, all the fun stuff.) But there the younger kin were on Thanksgiving, pouring wine, using potty-mouths and loudly exchanging some pretty scandalous stories. My grandparents? It didn’t faze them. They’ve adjusted. They were laughing. I’m such a proud grandchild right now.

  • After months of not seeing my best dude friend, I got to see him twice in one week. I’m learning that,Β though Bryant drives me absolutely insane, there’s no getting rid of this dude. After almost seven years of best friendship, he’s basically family. My brother from an Asian mother.
  • Saturday night was a nostalgic experience for me. I went downtown with Bryant and Cierra, my two besties from high-school. So much has changed since our seventeen-year old days, but spending the evening with these two instantly made me feel like a teenager again. But a teenager who could legally drink and dance the night away in a little, red dress downtown.

Refreshed, happy sigh goes here. It was a magical week indeed.

18 thoughts on “Bullet Points Of A Magical Week

  1. You certainly look cute in that little red dress! Love best guy friends. I was supposed to see mine over Thanksgiving but alas, he had to head back to school early. Keeping my fingers crossed for Xmas! Bungee jumping is such a YOU activity πŸ™‚ glad you went for it. And the donuts! Mmm.

  2. Red is your colour!! Loveee that dress!
    How sweet of the hubby with the rose!

    awww love best friends. My best guy friend and I have known each other about 7 years too – familyyy! ❀

    • Hello dearest. TIme is runnnig short and I’m sure you are just as busy as I am! Do you think you have a flower already made that I could just buy off of you? My dress is ivory. Let me know! Thanks!Kaceykaceyshaker@yahoo.com

      • Hey Joe Runner, My family and I will be tlavering up from Florida to Louisville for Thanksgiving. We would love to run this 5 miler Thanksgiving morning. Is there a chance you could send me a copy of the registration? Thanks!

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