This whole semester has gone by in a sort of blissful blur. I’m taking seventeen hours and working and trying to do about a million other things too. (As a small example, last week I had my first meeting as a volunteer event planner for the Humane Society.) Thus far, I’ve actually been pretty proud of myself for management of time and goals. It’s been crazy, but I’ve achieved so much this year and have had an absolute amazing time doing so. This all being said, if I can get through the next week and a half without falling into the fetal position to rock back and forth for the next six months, I will be really impressed. It’s final’s time, y’all. Actually. It’s the week before finals, which always makes final’s week look like cake, if you ask me. I’m actually craving relaxation. I never crave relaxation. But I just want to drink hot cocoa and look at Christmas lights and walk through department stores singing, “Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-LA!” right about now. But I CAN’T! So instead, I’m just going to write about things that are keeping my spirits high. At least I’m happy whilst losing my mind.


Saturday afternoon was spent with Priscilla and Tessa. We drove to the the adorable little area that is downtown Georgetown and, with a little asking around, soon found the winery we had made the drive for. There was a festival going on, so we took our plastic wine cups outside, sat on a bench and people/baby watched. Afterwards, we headed to one of my favorite happy hours for martinis and long conversations. It was a quaint and refreshing way to spend the day with two of my favorite ladies.


Sunday night, Hannah, Rachel and I did some decorating of the Charlie Brown variety. A couple of nights prior, Hannah and I, somewhat tipsily, walked to Walmart and bought Christmas tree ornaments and such. Sunday, we crept our way onto campus and searched for a tree to decorate. We all decided the perfect one was the humble little tree with not a leaf in sight. If it doesn’t have leaves, it should at least have ornaments! I can’t quite put into words how lovely it was to be singing Christmas songs, sneaking around campus and decorating the Charlie Brown tree with these girls. There was a lot of laughter and love shared that night. It was one of those moments that I knew would soon turn into a favorite memory, even as it was happening. I just feel incredibly lucky to have the ladies in my life that I do.

christmas christmasgirlies2

On Monday, my professor for Mass Media History and Analysis held class at the new Galaxy Theatre. We watched Skyfall in reclining, fancy sofa-seats and I sipped on Blueberry Ginger Sangria. I’m not much for action films, but I will say I wasn’t bored by Bond! The sangria probably helped with this. For class the next day, we met up at a Mexican restaurant, drank margaritas and analyzed the film. Have I mentioned this is my favorite professor?


As you can see, we are a freakishly small class this semester. So small that the class was almost cancelled. I am so glad it wasn’t.

In a nutshell, I adore my friends and my school and Christmas time and life. And I want finals to die.

8 thoughts on “Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-LA

  1. “This all being said, if I can get through the next week and a half without falling into the fetal position to rock back and forth for the next six months, I will be really impressed.” —> that is how I feel right now. Exactly. I love my life, but finals need to die hahaha. Your professor sounds AMAZING!

  2. I want to decorate a tree on campus!! What a brilliant idea! I am absolutely doing this! I’m not sure where or when, but it will happen! Also, I would love to walk arm in arm with you drinking hot cocoa and singing Falalalalalalala! 🙂 Also, good luck with finals! You’ll rock them!

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