Color Me Rad 2012


This past Saturday, I ran my fifth race of the year and had a rather fantastic time doing so. My friend Priscilla and I took part in the Color Me Rad 5k together. This entailed running as people spray painted and color bombed us with a variety of different colors. Starting out with a white T-shirt made for a sort of blank canvas effect and we ended up looking like abstract works of art. It was a pretty amazing experience and I’m glad to add ‘Getting painted while running’  to my list of 2012 adventures. Priscilla and I more or less laughed our way through the whole run. Near the end, somebody started singing a popular kid’s song (I believe it was ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’, which I’m just now realizing was extremely appropriate as our whole bodies were covered in color.) and others quickly joined in (Including me, of course.)  I mentioned to Pris how much I loved the feeling of community that comes with running races. She agreed, and commented that it was kind of like one big, running family. This feeling of community only gets so much greater when paired with the togetherness of being turned into colorful pieces of human art whilst running.

Before race:


While waiting to start race:


After race:


20 thoughts on “Color Me Rad 2012

  1. AAAAAAAAGH! I LOVE IT! I wanna do the Color Run sooo bad! Next time it’s in Florida (or somewhere close and cheap to get to) I guess. One was Dec. 2, but we couldn’t make that one. We’re busy. Well, our wallets are busy… You know, with holiday things and wedding saving. 🙂

  2. i loved doing color me rad! it is certainly your kind of race. i was so excited to participate at the boston location. the race folks even sent me free entries and shirts for other fitfluential ambassadors. i found an abandoned bucket of color during the race and had my own mini dance party in it!

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