A Perfect Reminder


Ending a semester always leaves my mind in somewhat of a shocked state. I suddenly go from being on a strict schedule and never having real free time, (Because even when I’m having fun and doing other things, I am sometimes simultaneously wondering if I should be starting an assignment or working on that project or filling my brain with knowledge SO I CAN SUCCEED AT THIS CLASS AND LIFE! Ahem. My brain during the semester, guys.) to having actual downtime in which I can fill my free moments thinking about nothing, or fluffy bunny rabbits, if I so choose. For the first couple of days after finals, I’m never really sure what to do with myself. After my last test on Thursday, I may or may not have spent the rest of the evening drinking homemade martinis and watching half a season of America’s Next Top Model. 

And that was absolutely marvelous.

The rest of the weekend has definitely followed suit.


I spent a date night with my boy, drinking, eating and being merry at our favorite, local pub. I drank coffee porter and beer that tasted like banana. Afterward, we ate frozen custard whilst looking at some rather impressive Christmas lights. The flowers this same dude surprised me with were admired and sniffed and cherished a little more than usual. I’ve curled up with a good book and spent an extra amount of time strolling through the grocery store, eating free samples, drinking free coffee, listening to Christmas music, and getting overly excited about all of these things. I spent a girl’s night with two of my best friends at their new apartment, breaking it in by lounging and jumping on the mattress (placed in the living room for the night), drinking wine, eating their cereal and dancing badly. We basically regressed into giggly, middle-school girls. With wine. Probably a bad combination. But also a really fun one.


It’s very easy for me to get caught up in the excitement and hustle and bustle of life. This is where I tend to thrive and feel the happiest, and this overwhelmingly amazing year has been proof of that for me. But I sometimes forget how blissful it feels to be able to find the time to just slow down for a moment. To cherish the small things, which in retrospect usually end up being the really big things. To allow myself to be completely present. The past few days have been a perfect reminder.

13 thoughts on “A Perfect Reminder

  1. Oh wow, I could have written that first paragraph word for word! I’ve actually only just blogged for the first time in about a month and a half because during term time I’m always constantly thinking about what I should be doing next, rather than focusing on having fun! I feel the exact same, suddenly so much time is free. Yippeeeeee!

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