December Days

December has followed suit with the rest of my year thus far. Meaning, it’s been pretty darn awesome.

A few examples:


  • I had an amusing and heart-warming last radio show of the semester with co-host Patrick. He gave me cute little gifts on-air and I felt incredibly lucky to have hosted Power Hour with a great buddy of mine. Having the opportunity to host a radio show is already turning into one of my most cherished college memories. (Not to mention it looks pretty on a resume and is a fun conversation starter.)


  • I took a little mini road-trip to Elgin, Texas with my aunt (But we call each other cousins because we’re so close in age), her boyfriend and my hubby. We cut down Christmas trees (With an ax! And by we, I mean not me.) and picked out ornaments and I was reminded of how beautiful it is to have so many different kinds of family to love.
  • charlieboy
  • I get paid to watch this adorable little face. And his sister twin. And to put pails on my head. I love my job.
  • A few months back, my university approached me and let me know they were considering writing an article about me. I can’t tell you how neat it was to know that my school found me cool enough to feature in their magazine. Even more neat is that, after reading my blog, the Communications Director asked if I would write the article myself. So I wrote this little article about me and my blog, and it’s going to be published in the university magazine to help draw in prospective students and such. I recently got an email from the student who had originally interviewed me, and she quoted my article as being  “Incredible.”  Guys, I’m kind of a little proud of this one. (More about this when I get the magazine in the mail! Eek!)

I could go on but I’ll sum things up because I am about to go do all of my Christmas shopping. Procrastination at it’s finest, y’all. It’s just been a perfect month to wrap up an already unforgettable year. I am in awe of all the the experiences I’ve had, amazing people I’ve met, adventures I’ve partook in and the opportunities I’ve been presented with, all in less than 365 days. 2012, you’re going to be a hard year to live up to. But you know I shall try.

16 thoughts on “December Days

  1. Aww, I love that you and your aunt call each other cousins since you are so close in age! How fun! My mom and her uncle are only 6 months apart and they’ve always been close. So fun that you guys got to spend time together! 🙂

    Congrats on your uni wanting to feature you, girl! That’s great! You really are incredible! 🙂

    And you know I’m with you on loving the job! Nannying is THE BEST! 😀

    • It is so much fun! We didn’t get along at all as kids (she was older+my aunt= BOSSY haha) but make up for it now by having a blast together.
      Thanks girl. And YAY fellow nannies unite! Lol. Too much coffee this morning? 😛

  2. Ummm you’re KIND OF a big deal, I hope you know that!! SO awesome that you are going to be in the paper!! I love that you love your job, it looks like a blast!! Enjoy the rest of this month, the next year will be EVEN BETTER!

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