Five Christmases

Happy Holidays, Y’all!


How lucky am I to have so many loved ones that I have not one or two or three or four but FIVE different Christmases to celebrate?! The past few days just have me feeling overwhelmingly giddy and grateful. So of course I want to share them with you guys!

Christmas #1


Saturday, I celebrated an early Christmas at my house with some of mine and my brother’s closest friends. We had a conjoined party of sorts and this was awesome.

Highlights: Katie spoiling the crap out of me with lots of presents. Drunken White Elephant Gift Exchange. Turning into children as we collectively played with gifts once they were all opened. Actually not sucking at beer pong for once. Loving on and laughing my butt of with my wonderful husband, friends and little brother.

Christmas #2


Husband and I drove to Houston to spend an early Christmas with my dad’s side of the family.

HighlightsΒ : A (slightly more sober) White Elephant in which I sneakily won Juicy Couture perfume. Eating out at a snazzy restaurant and not paying for anything. Giggling with my cousins. Watching and occasionally chiming in (I’ve come to realize and appreciate the fact that my family sees me as the novelty liberal of the group) on a family political debate, which is a Cirotto requirement at absolutely every get together. Catching up and drinking wine and bonding with my silly, hilarious, lovely family.

Christmas #3


Christmas Eve was spent with my mom’s side of the family.

Highlights: Sharing stories, memories and dirty jokes with my brother and my aunties. (Age 25 and 18, mind you.) Turkey and stuffing and loaded sweet potatoes and BUTTER. Conversations with grandma and grandpa. Watching my four-year old sister act like a spastic monkey when she would receive anything Hello Kitty related.

Christmas #4


Christmas day and night was spent with my husband, parents and little siblings. Highlights:Β Teaching my littlest siblings how to do Pilates. My dad’s scrumptious shrimp and steak dinner. Indulging in numerous cups of coffee with salted caramel mocha cream whilst watching my brother and sister open presents. Festive, peaceful, happy feelings. Dancing and face-making and otherwise thoroughly embarrassing my future self in front of the video camera. Santa surprising me with a foot-cleaning kit. (That Santa is a smart ass!) (My feet aren’t that bad.) Lots of wine goodies from my family who obviously knows the way to my heart.

It’s been a week of warm, fuzzy feelings. I love warm, fuzzy feelings and I’m excited there’s even more to come. Christmas #5 will be spent with my hubby’s parents when we take a mini road-trip to see them this weekend. I guess you know you’ve married into a good family when you get all sorts of excited about a weekend with the in-laws.


It should also be mentioned that Robby (aka husband) had to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. He still managed to make it to every single one of my family gatherings. He made the perfect road-trip buddy during our trip to Houston, in which we stopped for BBQ and soft serve ice-cream. Christmas Eve he arrived at my grandparents with that signature big smile on his face, still dressed in work gear. Christmas morning, he dropped me off at my parent’s house, went to work and came back to their place after his shift with presents for me in tow. I really am convinced that he is the best thing since butter. I mean, he makes my holidays magical. Like butter. I have lots of fun with him. Butter is fun too. But I also get to cuddle with him and stuff. I don’t cuddle with butter. So he may even be better than butter, y’all.


28 thoughts on “Five Christmases

  1. What an awesome husband you have, that he went to all of the gatherings! He’s a keeper for sure ;). I love all of the pictures! My favorite is the one of you and your little siblings doing pilates!

  2. Merry Christmas x 5, sweet friend!!! So glad you are surrounded with such a wonderful group of friends and family on all sides! And how great that Robby was able to make it to each celebration despite having to work! He’s a good one, that one. πŸ™‚ And girl, I am with you on the great in-laws! We just hosted my husband’s parents at our house for a week and it was great. And tonight we are headed out to spend Christmas with my family and I am stoked! πŸ™‚

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    • my husband and i will pray that the day go by glkicuy we did not have the extra money this tear to get anything for our two boys thay are 12,and 13 we have talked to them and hope thay understand but we have to have some where to live. david harris.4438137505

  3. Such a beautiful day. Cammie and Justin truly watied on the Lord to bring together a perfect mate for each of them, their deidcation to the Lord first was the common bond that brought them together. I praise God for the union of these two precious children. Thank you Thomas and Sarah for capturing such special memories.

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