Resolutions 2012-2013

I’m a bit late in posting this, but here it is. The verdict on my 2012 resolutions and the list of my 2013 resolutions:

20123(And also a picture taken in my backyard which I thought was very pretty.)

2012 resolutions:

1.       Go on a cruise. Nope. But this is definitely happening this year!
2.      Watch the sunrise. X
3.      Join/Try out/Volunteer for new things. X
4.      Decorate my house. X (More so than it was before, anyway)
5.      Do at least one of the following: Zipline, Skydive, Bungee-jump. X
6.      Travel to at least three new states. X
7.      Visit best friend up north. X
8.      Explore more of Texas. X
9.      Eat healthier. X
10. Maintain current weight. (Within 5 pounds either way.) Um. Major fail. I am now nearly 15 pounds under the weight I was at when I made this goal. I did good maintaining until last semester, when my body began taking on the stress ((My mind simply refuses to admit to most stress. This is good for me! Bad for my body.)) of an extremely hectic semester. Boo.
11.  Take a yoga class. X
12.  Go camping. X
13.  Continue working out at least 5 times a week for 30+ minutes. X
14. Begin lifting light weights. ½. I give myself half a point because I started weight-lifting and kept it up for a couple of months before giving it up entirely.
15. Buy something from Etsy. ½. Another half point because although I did order something, I never picked it up from the post office. Oops. But I also modeled for an Etsy seller and got free jewelry out of it, so I figure that’s good too.
16. Read at least three books a month OR 40 in a year. No, but I’m still pretty happy with how many I did read. I made it to about 25; As it was a crazy-busy year for me, I don’t think that would have happened without this resolution.
17.  Read more non-fiction. X
18.  Try my hand at more arts and crafts. (It still counts if results suck.) X I love that I know myself well enough to clarify that, because the results did, in fact, suck. Still had fun and accomplished a resolution though!
19.  Pick up a new hobby. X (More than one!)
20.  Take more time to relax/enjoy alone time. X
21. Treat and be as giving to loved ones as well/much as they treat/give to me. Still working on this one. The people in my life are just so darn good to me!
22.  Take a big chance on someone or something. X
23.  Make significant progress in novel I’m attempting to write. Ha-ha-ha! No. But still really pleased with the writing accomplishments I did have in 2012.
24. Improve both organizational and financial skills. ½. I’ve really failed both in some ways, but definitely improved in others. So another half point it is.
25. Take Little (of Big Brothers Big Sisters) to visit my house. Ever since this lady turned 17 and got her own car, it is almost impossible to meet up with her, much less take her to my house. I plan on pestering her enough in 2013 to at least see the girl.
26. Cook 15+ new recipes, and record them in recipe diary husband bought me. ½ I’ve definitely cooked at least 15 new recipes, but I think I only recorded one.
27.  Maintain or improve current GPA. (3.55) X 3.54. It counts.
28.  Do something that scares the crap out of me. X
29.  Do something incredible. Or somethings incredible. X
30.  Continue going on adventures, trying new things, meeting/getting to know new people, loving on others and living life as fully as possible. X


This makes me very happy. 2012 was a definite success!

2013 Resolutions:

  1. Visit at least two new states
  2. Visit best friend in Pittsburgh (She’s currently student-teaching here and raves about this city. I’m curious and I miss her!)
  3. Go on a cruise
  4. Become more fluent in Spanish
  5. Graduate college (Guys. It is blissfully surreal to be able to put this on a resolution list and it be completely realistic.)
  6. Start full-time job (This too!)
  7. Volunteer at animal shelter at least once a month.
  8. Join/Try out/Volunteer for new things. (I had this same resolution last year and it motivated a lot of awesomeness. So here it is again.)
  9. Record more. Between my two journals, three times weekly. On my new dry erase calendar, at least once weekly.
  10. Skydive or Zip-line
  11. Read 30+ books
  12. Write a short story
  13. Try at least three new-to-me fitness classes
  14. Run at least 6 races
  15. Get average mile under 8:30 (I’m currently averaging at around 9:20 minutes a mile and usually run over three miles daily. I’m proud of this but I’ve been doing it for a while, so it’s not too much of a challenge anymore. I’m both curious and excited to see how much I can improve.)
  16. Continue pursuing my hobbies and passions/going out of my comfort zone/trying new things/doings things that scare the crap out of me

17 thoughts on “Resolutions 2012-2013

  1. Sounds like you did a fantastic job with your 2012 goals!! I’m excited to be running in Texas because it seems like such a fun state with lots to do 🙂
    AHHH Congrats on graduating this year! Epic in so many ways!

  2. Girl, that IS a definitely a successful last year! Way to be! Your comments on your crafty project made me laugh. 🙂 I really hope the cruise happens for you this year! They are so much fun! And it’s so exciting that graduation is close for you! 🙂

  3. Wow you make a LOT of resolutions! Congrats on having such a successful, productive and positive year! 🙂 I love all of the new resolutions you’ve made, you’re such an active person. Good luck with every single one of them, I am sure that 2013 will be another absolutely awesome year for you 🙂

  4. You packed a whole lot of awesome into 2012, lady! I know 2013 will be just as great, or greater!
    Man, I am SO addicted to Etsy. If you’re gonna start, just be READY. The people on there are great, and do some really amazing work. Got lots of Christmas stuff for Babe and me from those little shops. 🙂
    I wanna zipline too! ANY skydive again. It is TOO awesome to do just once. Meet up in Florida and do ’em both, maybe? Yeah?!
    What happened with the weight lifting? Just didn’t like it? I loved it when I did it. Now I just need to buy some dumbbells to work with at home since I don’t do the gym thing any more. I’m more into using my own body weight anyway. Maybe look into that? Planks and supermans and stuff. They work!

    • Um,yes! Florida with my internet lova skydiving/ziplining sounds like paradise!
      I liked it, but I was going to my gym at my university and when that semester ended my schedule changed and it was easier to just work out at home/outside. Basically, I need to buy some weights!!! I do attempt girl pushups but on Christmas my brother told me it looked like I was humping the floor and my dad told me to never do that again. So apparently I fail at those. Thus my puny arms 😛

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