Cupid’s Undie Run 2013


This past Saturday, I took part in this really awesome, slightly chilly, almost clothe-less adventure. Okay so….Let me explain. My friend Patrick and I drove downtown, stripped off our clothes and proceeded to have a blast taking part in Cupid’s Undie Run. Not only was it completely exhilarating to run and after-party it up with fellow people also wearing nothing but their undergarments, proceeds from this race benefited the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Making memories and taking part in my first run of 2013, all for a good cause, in my little heart boxers was a pretty amazing experience. Patrick brought his voice recorder along so we even got to interview some cool peeps for the radio show we host together. I love the sense of togetherness that less clothes and more kindness can bring. And I’m pretty proud to now be able to claim not only running, but also dancing, interviewing, drinking mimosas, eating pizza, doing a handstand and having the time of my life in downtown Austin… nothing but my undies.

More Cupid’s Undie Run fun:


As most of you know, I love fun, new, unique experiences. I really love fun, new, unique experiences that I get to experience for a good cause, with a wonderful friend and in my underwear. Hurray for Cupid’s Undie Run!

25 thoughts on “Cupid’s Undie Run 2013

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  1. I so admire you for just putting yourself out there and looking beautiful and KNOWING it, it’s so clear that you are so confident in these photos, you inspire me always!

    • I say, three cheers for more smonikg bans! I don’t like in New York anymore (sadly) but it’s nice to know when I visit in April and have to do some training runs in the park that I won’t have to exhale the whole time I pass a group of smokers/cover my mouth obnoxiously.I haven’t slipped or fallen for a bit (I fell like four times in the last six months, I think I deserve a break) but my boyfriend bit it yesterday: he was doing a nine miler, including a four mile loop of a local park which, due to melt off followed by freezing rain, was a sheet of ice. He was happy he only fell once. Apparently he yelled out in pain and has really gnarly bruises on his right knee and him. He finished the run, though! (and iced iced iced when he got home)

    • I wish the lady on the treadmill next to me yetdersay had been banned. She STANK to high heaven of smoke and also talked the whole time on her phone very loudly. I outlasted her doing my long run, but wished I’d had more kick left to finish early. Peeeeyou!

    • Yay, you found the Tough Guy! There’s a series here in the USA celald Tough Mudder that’s the same kind of race, just longer- 8 miles + for each race. There are several other races along those lines too and they are a BLAST!

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