Lots of Living


There are a lot of awesome things going on over here in my neck of the woods. 2013 is already looking like it might give even the most incredible of previous years a run for their money.

I’m the good kind of overwhelmed. The best kind of too busy.

I think the negative side of so much happening at once, even if it’s all great things, is that it’s hard to take it all in, or even write it all down. I’ll get there eventually.

But to sum it all up for now, here’s my life right now:  Writing. Running. Upcoming travels. Volunteering. Resume-building. Friendships. Long conversations. Learning. Accomplishments. Growing. Laughing. Wine. Coffee. Library books. Adrenaline rushes. Good grades. Sweet notes. Exciting emails. Love. Date nights. Graduation preparations. Almost twenty-four. But still twenty-three. New experiences. Fun plans. Living. Lots of living.

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