My Second Home: Dean’s List & Stuff


Last week, my heart was warmed when I received a sweet note and a gift card from the Communication’s Director at my university, thanking me for the “time and talent” I contributed to the university magazine. I was a little blown away that my school would give me the chance to write for their magazine, promoting my blog, and then proceed to thank me for the opportunity I was given. I am just beyond grateful that a university I am so grateful to attend is grateful for me. That’s a lot of gratitude,eh?


A day or so later, I received a letter in the mail telling me I had made the Dean’s List last semester. My favorite little excerpt: “To be named to this list is a significant accomplishment……This honor places you among the best of the best in terms of academic performance.”

With a 3.82 for the semester, Fall 2012 was my best semester yet. Still, I was the happiest kind of surprised to receive such tangible recognition. I couldn’t stop smiling and had the best kind of butterflies in my stomach.

In the past couple of years and through attending Concordia, I’ve found a potential and a confidence that I never before thought I could obtain. I’ve accomplished more than I would have ever in a zillion-kaba-trillion years imagined possible a few short years ago. So signing up for the CAAP (required exit exam) and requesting my last ever degree audit has been bittersweet. Most of me is excited to see what comes next. It will be incredible and surreal to hold that diploma in my hands in August. But a little part of me is also sad to leave a university that I’ve become so involved with and that has also become a second home to me. A second home that has provided me with so many awesome opportunities, a beautiful campus, caring professors, exciting resume-builders and the skills to write, think, learn and communicate efficiently and confidently. Needless to say, the next six months leading up to my graduation will be spent enjoying the crap out of this second home of mine.

17 thoughts on “My Second Home: Dean’s List & Stuff

  1. krystnadinglasan says:

    Congratulations! I’m sure you really are so happy for getting on the Dean’s List. You deserve it for sure.

    You’re blessed and lucky to have found a second home which makes you a better person in all aspects.

    Good luck!

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