ASteven’s Photo Shoot 2013


Last Tuesday was my first photo shoot of 2013. I’ve just been too darn busy the past few months to do the modeling thing but was finally was able to squeeze a shoot in. Being in the studio definitely made me realize how much I’d missed this little hobby of mine. It’s both fun and inspiring to do the lights, camera, pose thing whilst collaborating with a talented photographer. Oh! And now I can add ‘Making a bed sheet into a sort-of dress’ to my life list.


Photo Credit: Andrew Steven’s Photography

24 thoughts on “ASteven’s Photo Shoot 2013

  1. they’re great – and I admire you for doing it.
    can i give a critique without coming off as a bitch? let’s find out: consciously relax your shoulders. it will elongate your neck AND make you look more relaxed

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