Urban Dare 2013

This past Saturday, I had an absolute blast participating in both a scavenger hunt AND my second race of 2013.


Saturday morning, my close friend Priscilla and I excitedly met up to participate in the Urban Dare. This is a race around the entirety of downtown Austin that includes challenges and trivia to conquer and solve. Basically, we were given a list of clues to figure out and dares to participate in; From there, we had to figure out our own path. Considering we got lost on our way to this event, Urban Dare proved to be a humorous experience for two girls who are rather lacking in the sense of direction department. But also a completely awesome one. Our journey included taking photos of ourselves at many different sites, getting a random stranger to do a handstand, running and walking miles back and forth in the downtown area, giggling and fumbling our way through a three-legged race, air-kissing monuments, marveling at some of the lovely things and places our city had to offer (some that we’d never even noticed before), meeting wonderful new buddies who helped guide us with their fun spirits and amazing brains and climbing on Willie Nelson’s statue’s back. Okay, so it wasn’t a requirement to climb on his back. But if you need to take a picture with Willie Nelson’s statue, you might as well jump on his back.


I’ve lived in the Austin area my entire life, but still found myself in awe of both the beauty and quirkiness of my city during this race. Not only did I have a fabulous time with one of my favorite girls, I also had the chance to feel like a tourist in my own city. Being assigned to explore miles upon miles of specific Austin locations, and doing so on foot, gave me the chance to come across some places that had never even been on my radar before. Urban Dare was an ideal way to get my exercise for the day, meet fun people, spend a beautiful day with a gal pal, experience an incredible new adventure and to find hidden treasures while scavenger hunting in my hometown. What a perfect reminder to always keep my eyes open.

11 thoughts on “Urban Dare 2013

  1. Well, if you ever come out to LA you need to see if any scavenger events are taking place. There are at least 3 companies doing it out here.
    Accomplice! is kind of like that too – you use each clue to find your next spot, to get your next clue… and solve a kidnapping mystery.

    Glad you had fun. The pics are great!

    ps: Since you’re into everything, check out FreeTheGirls.org – they’re having a (used) bra donation event in Austin very soon – like this week or next, I think.

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