Together We Yoga 2013

I spent my weekend partaking in SXSW festivities with awesome folks. It was all pretty perfect and is still to be continued, but there’s one event I am specifically excited about focusing on for this post. Ahem.


A couple of weeks ago, my friend Becca signed me up for an event entitled, “Together We Yoga.” She is awesome and had been keeping me up to date on a bunch of different SXSW shenanigans, so I didn’t think too much of it. Mostly, I was giddy to go do free yoga in a park with a close friend, and enjoy free breakfast tacos/mimosas afterward. Sounded like a blissful morning to me! Days later, I received an email from ‘Fit Approach’, a fitness community that, a year ago, I had the honor of becoming a ‘Sweat Pink Ambassador‘ for. I was thinking it was one of the update emails I’ll occasionally get from founders Jamie and Alyse. Much to my surprise, this email was actually a confirmation email for ‘Together We Yoga’. Huh!? It took me a second to wrap my head around how crazy, wonderfully small the world really can be sometimes. Jamie and Alyse were hosting this event, and coming down from their home base of San Francisco to do so. Becca had unknowingly invited me to hang out with the creators of a community that I already help represent. My mind was just a little bit blown. (What’s most amusing to me is that, had I kept more up to date on Sweat Pink news/emails, I probably would have already known about this event; Despite my oblivion, the fates still managed to find their way!) Days before ‘Together We Yoga’, Jamie emailed me saying how ‘pumped’ they were to see me on the attendance list. The feeling couldn’t have been more mutual. Needless to say, it was pretty incredible spending my morning with the ladies who invited me, a year ago this month, to be a part of the motivating and inspiring community of women that is Fit Approach. I had the chance to not only get to know Jamie and Alyse, but to meet a couple of my other fellow Sweat Pink sisters. What a crazy-cool experience it was to connect and bond with a group of such wonderful girlies. I couldn’t think of a better way to start SXSW than with an early Saturday full of yoga, mimosas, breakfast tacos, lots of laughter, and lovely conversation with some truly spectacular gals.

More pictures:

 Alyse’s first EVER breakfast taco.

(Also, please note how sexy my hair looks after it’s been rained on.)


SXSW action/posts to be continued!

18 thoughts on “Together We Yoga 2013

    • I bought For Emma back in 2008 after hearnig it on MPR Current and it has only increased in my interest since that time. New tracks are being in interpreted. So far, I love it. I remember one night, I put on For Emma, for my wife, while laying on the deck looking at the stars and pondering our 4 daughters and our journey ahead. In life, we are having a blast, and this music somehow made it even better. Kick ass man.

  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! And if you want to see what sexy rain hair looks like (more like frizzball rain hair) feel free to chuck a bottle of water over my head any day, yours looks fabulous in comparison!

      • Congratulations, Karl! That is SO awesome! I wish I was going to SXSW, but just can’t swing that and the Disney coencrnfee back to back. I went last year, not as a registered attendee, but to a handful of parties. I’m actually from Austin hopefully you’ll have some time to check out the town while you’re there. It’s great!

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