When I was first presented with the opportunity to write a blog review for “”, my first thought while researching the site was, “Wow. Why didn’t I know about this when I was still renting apartments?!” Goodness, it definitely would have served as a useful tool. But since I didn’t know then what I know now (And it’s woefully too late for me, now that I’m a house-owner) , I figure the second best thing to do is share the new knowledge with my lovely blog readers. Here is your chance to read national apartment reviews, browse ratings and even write your own reviews so that everyone can find the apartment of their greatest desires and wildest dreams. (Okay, so a little melodramatic. But really. Read on.)


So what is, you may ask? Well. Let me tell you. By numbered points, so I don’t start rambling like a giddy twelve year old. (Er…or like my usual self?)

1.   It’s not exactly what it sounds like. Mike Cerny, Founder of, does not want to make it so that you never ever rent an apartment, like ever. (Yes, this is me shamelessly parodying Taylor Swift lyrics to make a point. What of it!?) Far from it, actually. He is trying to make it so that everyone has an “Easy to use platform to search and write unbiased good or bad reviews, information about apartments and rental market data.”  In a nutshell, Mike and those at want you to find the best apartment you can. They want to help landlords rent out their apartments to you. Think of Mike, and, as your guiding, shining lights in the dark, at least as far as apartment renting goes. After all, “ is the first national apartment reviews and ratings website where renters can not only write reviews of apartments they rented but also of apartments they toured from a mobile device.”

2. What started out as just a group of Chicago renters trying to help others find a trusted resource for renters, has grown both quickly and tremendously. It went from beta testing in 2011 to, two years later, becoming one of the fastest growing apartment review sites. Now, in 2013, they are only making more improvements. They’ve integrated with social networking outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. What had me especially impressed is the fact that they also give you access to a social feature that enables you to anonymously message reviewers. This means that you have the chance to ask a certain reviewer why they gave one apartment complex two thumbs down. Maybe they were just having a bad day. Maybe they found roaches in their laundry basket. Here’s your chance to find out. Take it from Cerny himself, “Social media integration will allow users to interact more which will improve the quality and quantity of information they can use to make an informed decision about renting an apartment.”

3.  As I vaguely mentioned earlier, DoNotRent is a godsend for basically all parties involved. Both renters AND landlords can “Bookmark apartments, maintain their profile and setup alerts when apartments they review or bookmark receive a new review.”

4.   But wait, there’s more! (I know, I know….I sound like a cheesy infomercial, right now. I sometimes write like this when I’m excited about something cool.) Whether it be a map based search to browse nearby businesses, moving resources, roommate search, storage search or a partnership with a company that lets renters pay their rent online… is going to help you renters out there find your perfect apartment.

We’ve probably all had a friend/family member/angry, random citizen tell us horror stories about their apartments. The thing is, it’s hard to always know what you’re getting yourself into. Except here’s the other thing– makes it easy to know what you’re getting into. Their new and improved site can be accessed using laptops, PCs, tablets and mobile devices. In the next 60 days, you’ll even be able to access from your Iphone or Android. You know what this means, right?  No more excuses for renting crappy apartments, y’all!

(For additional information and to check out one of their city pages visit austin apartment finder.)

(Disclaimer:  Though this is a sponsored post, is the author of this content. All thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are my own. )

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