Spring Break (Spreak?) Highlights 2013


I had a completely spectacular spreak. (Wait. Er. That was actually a rather large brain fart, me writing ‘spreak’, as opposed to spring, followed by break. I might be a little bit tired. Heck, I’m just going to go with the accidental portmanteau. I had an awesome spreak.) In no particular order, here are the highlights of my spring break/spreak:

  • Spending the afternoon on the rooftop of Whole Foods, listening to bands, drinking wine and hanging out with two of my favorite ladies.


  • Avoiding crazy SXSW related parking prices while also getting acquainted with the Austin MetroRail. Friends and I loved the convenience and already have plans to travel to downtown Austin again by this mode of transportation. So glad my city is finally beginning to see the importance of non-car related transits!sp5
  • sp2

Free Macklemore concertΒ  (‘I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket!’) at Waterloo Records downtown. The crowd was so crazy it was hard to see anything, but….

Mi amiga Hannah ordered me to jump on her back….sp6

So I momentarily got a much better view and we ended up with this picture. I adore my friends and their cute commands.


  • Downtown mimosas and a late breakfast with my sweet and sexy husband


And also snapping a picture with our fun waitress….sp15

  • Friend Hannah and I had the chance to run in slow-motion towards a dude’s camera for a YouTube video of SXSW he was putting together. We had fun with that.
  • sp19
  • Together We Yoga
  • sp1
  • So I stood in line for hours (and also made my poor, amazing husband stand in line for hours) in hopes of meeting Grumpy Cat, and still did not make it to the front of the line in time to meet said cat. (I have a feeling her reaction would be, “Good.”) On the upside, I made a new friend, we made lovely conversation for the hours we stood in line together and we got permission to take a Grumpy-Cat esque picture with her poster in front of the building she was inside of.
  • sp3
  • Finally seeing my Little (Big Brothers Big Sisters), after way too long of a hiatus. I missed her! Whilst catching up during our lunch date, I realized we’ve been matched for nearly three years now. She’s seventeen, soon to be eighteen! (She was still 14 and I was newly 21 when we were first matched. I’ll be twenty-four on Sunday. Gulp. SLOW DOWN, TIME!) I’m so very proud of her and the beautiful, sweet young lady she’s growing up to be.


  • Getting to spend extra time with the two-year old twins I nanny. Speaking of time flying—The kiddos were still one when I started watching them and will now be three in May. I am absolutely smitten with these two and have loved watching them grow into the adorable little talkative, animated humans that they are today.


  • Chillin’ with Darth Vader
  • sp8

Celebrating my little brother’s 21st birthday at my parent’s house. Though he is almost three years younger than me, it feels strange calling him my ‘little’ brother while simultaneously looking at the below picture. Little bro is much bigger than me these days.

  • sp12
  • Here is Hannah and I waving our hands in front of a trailer with a man singing and playing music inside. I think this nicely wraps up both my love for my city and the people in my life. Spring break (Or, Spreak) 2013, you were an enchantingly lovely one indeed. sp16

21 thoughts on “Spring Break (Spreak?) Highlights 2013

  1. Awesome!
    Too bad about Grumpy Cat. But I heard he peed on Harvey Levin (of TMZ), causing Harvey to speak at an event with a pee-soaked shirt – so he’s still my fav cat!

  2. Tessa says:

    Ah! I hate that I didn’t make myself apart of your Spring Break! Glad you had fun! Looks like a really good time

  3. So much FUN! I have seriously added Texas to my list of places to visit. Whenever it’s goin’ down, you are in charge of my itinerary. πŸ™‚
    Glad you had a Happy Spreak!

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