24th Birthday Highlights

My birthday weekend was spent having fun and being spoiled by both friends and family, and I couldn’t have possibly thought of a better way to begin my 24th year. I’m a happy, lucky girl. (Though I’m kind of convinced that I’m actually still nineteen and that the universe is pulling a fast one on me by making time go by at an enormously fast speed. I mean, where did twenty-four come from?! It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!)

Highlights: bdaycollage1

  • Sunday was my actual birthday, but Friday night was a night of early celebrations with Rachel and Hannah. Hannah treated me to a margarita and made me a scrumptious and completely homemade cake. Later that night after a potty break, I returned to find a slew of candles lit and a beautiful rendition of the birthday song being sung to me by my two very talented choir friends. Did I mention yet that my friends spoil me?


  • Saturday evening was spent at my parent’s house. Pictured above is my birthday sash (bought by my husband and complete with my pageant girl wave) and the brownie cupcakes with cookie dough icing my mom baked. One word: Yum.
  • bdaycollage2
  • My actual date of birth (24 years ago,that is) started with a brunch with some of my favorite people. I loved that I had both new (Natalie, who I met standing in line at SXSW a little over a week ago) and old (Tessa, who has been my best friend for nearly eight years now) and everything-in-between friends present at said birthday brunch. I have a lot of special people in my world from all different times of my life, and it was so heartwarming to be surrounded by a group of these lovelies who came just to celebrate my being alive. (Hidden in above picture is my hubby, who is being covered by my giant birthday sombrero.)


  • My friend Rachel, who was hostessing that day, warned me that I would be serenaded by the staff and presented with a giant birthday hat. I needn’t be warned. I loved being serenaded and I loved that giant birthday hat. I also loved my giant beer-margarita, also illustrated above.


  • After birthday brunch, husband and I headed to downtown Austin to take a tour of downtown Austin–on a BYOB riverboat. We sat on the top deck, enjoyed the sunny, slightly chilly weather, and learned more about our city whilst drinking beer and cruising around the lake. It was a rather blissful way to spend a birthday afternoon.


  • My little brother’s Facebook post/ birthday dedication to me, which was equal parts sweet and amusing. (90’s kids, represent!)
  • pris
  • Friend Priscilla gifting me with a beautiful and meaningful-to-me journal.


  • Husband baking me a birthday cake. It was pretty adorable in that he even drew little stick figures on cake, and explained to me, “That’s us.”  I’m a little bit smitten with this dude. And his cake-artistry skills.
  • bdaybry
  • Speaking of art. Best dude friend Bryant sketched me a drawing as a gift and explained, after my initial confusion, “It’s a chick hatching. Do you not see the egg? It represents birthday.”  I see it now! I guess it just takes me a while to completely visualize masterpieces.
  • bday1
  • After I thought all of my goodies and birthday celebrations were over, my wonderful friend Becca showed up to class on Monday with gifts in tow. Cake was included. I don’t think I have ever been in the possession of so much cake in my entire life. I may be all caked out in a couple of days, but not yet. Right now, I’m still indulging in baked goods and basking in the knowledge that I am one loved and blessed twenty-four year old lady.

17 thoughts on “24th Birthday Highlights

  1. You are such a lucky birthday girl! 🙂 What fantastic friends and family you have! Cookie dough icing sounds like all of my dreams wrapped into one thing. And that boat trip looks awesome! 90s kids FTW!

  2. Happy 24th birthday! I agree, birthdays are totally a conspiracy… how does time pass so quickly?! Anyhow, I love that your hubby made you a cake and decorated it with you guys as stick people. Totally made me smile! You are so blessed!

  3. I swear you just had a birthday, like, last month!! HAPPY HAPPY 24th to you!!
    Hubby is just disgustingly adorable. You’re a lucky girl.
    Having a Sunday Funday bday means you get a full week of them! Wish you were around with my old crew – bday parties started with champagne brunch from roughly noon to 2:30. Then buying a couple 6-packs as we drove to someone’s house to change clothes. Then beer bust (unlimited beer for $10) from 4-8pm. Then to another bar for late night $2 mini-kegs of beer till 2am. Then take Monday off to sleep!

  4. Yay (almost) birthday buddies! 😛 Happy belated birthday lovely! Sounds like you had an awesome time 🙂 My friends and family spoiled me too, and Tom bought me the most beautiful necklace 🙂

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