Hi, guys! I’m about to road trip my way on over to Louisiana for the weekend to have a much needed mini-vacation with my best girly friend and my husband. Excited! But right now, I’ve actually found myself in the possession of a moment to spare (Gasp!) and thought I’d use it with a life update blog. Ahem:


My best friend and I were playing catch-up on the phone the other day when I told her I had never been so busy in my life. Her response was, “And that’s saying something. Because it seems like you’re always very busy.” Uh-huh. I am scrambling lately, y’all. I’m taking 18 hours this semester and was thinking that I’d have to take 9-12 hours this summer to graduate in August. I got my degree audit back and would you like to know how many credits I need to graduate this summer? Four. As if that isn’t silly enough already: A P.E. and an elective. I couldn’t help but laugh when I figured that out. You would think this would serve in making my life less hectic, but it’s resulted in some kind-of tough decision making. I really hoped to finish up my last months at Concordia, but I’ll be saving a lot of money and time by taking the classes at my local community college instead. Besides spring final’s week, April will be my very last month at my university/home-away-from-home of nearly three years. Through all of this hustling and bustling, I am really making a conscious effort to savor the last moments of my Concordia college life.

I registered for graduation on Monday. Besides that excitement, I have been presented with a few really neat opportunities in the past few months that have been keeping me busy when school isn’t. I have virtually zero free time right now, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Goals are being reached and dreams are coming true and stuff. My schedule is crammed, but it is crammed with doing things that I love. Life is insane, but it is also wonderful.

I received my first letter of recommendation from my favorite professor the other day. It made me happy. In closing, I thought I’d share with y’all my favorite little bit.

“In addition, I find Christina to be a mature and intelligent individual. She has taken the initiative to write op-ed stories for local newspapers, which have generated some impressive responses from readers. In every class she’s taken with me, I find her to be engaged and willing to learn. In particular, her writing skills always keep her at the head of her class.”

Well. Shucks.

13 thoughts on “Busy-Life-Update-Blog

  1. YAY!! SO much excitingness in this post. So jealous of your trip away, but you’ve earned it!! LOVE that letter of recommendation snibit, what a great professor! Then again, I guess you made it easy for him to write being so damn AWESOME! HAVE fun this weekend!

  2. Yesterday I saw an amazingly glowing recommendation for me from my Sr. Boss to another dept. But that left the question – if they think I’m so great, why are they trying to get the other dept to take me?

    Congrats on everything. Enjoy your busy life!

  3. I love how busy and almost chaotic your life seems! It somehow manages to lift my spirits because I pretend my life is as crazy and that I’m not writing this lying on bed… How exciting about graduation! And what a lovely recommendation πŸ™‚ I imagine all of your recommendations will be as positive!

    • Haha, aww thanks love!
      I’ve actually had a couple of days to relax for what seems like the first time in months the past couple of days. Getting back into the swing of things might be a little rough after a heavenly little vacation….But on my second cup of coffee right now, so that’s helping! πŸ˜›

  4. Oh fun! I’m so glad you are getting to visit a friend and that things are all falling into place for you right now. Being busy isn’t a bad thing as long as the busy-ness is full of things you love (which it obviously is). So that’s wonderful! πŸ™‚

  5. I love that you’re so busy you didn’t have time to open the recommendation letter right away lol And of course it was nothing but praise (probably why it’s called recommendation letter) and facts.
    And yay to graduating!!! I’m so excited for you!

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