Port Neches/Louisiana Road Trip 2013


This past weekend was a perfect one spent mini-vacationing with two of my favorites. My best girl friend, my husband and yours truly (me!) road-tripped on over to both Port Neches, Texas and Lake Charles, Louisiana for a magical and unforgettable weekend. You know me, I’m definitely going to elaborate below.

Our road trip consisted of lots of laughs, a pit-stop for Mexican food and margaritas and trying on hats at a gas-station.


Shortly after arriving at my husband’s parent’s place in Port Neches, Texas, (Try saying Port Neches without a country accent. It’s hard. That’s how southern it is.) the in-laws treated us to a night out on the town at Larry’s French Market and Cajun Cuisine. Larry’s is the hip place to be in Port Neches on a Friday night. Before you start thinking this Austinite is patronizing, let me state that I loved every moment at Larry’s. Yummy drinks, live music, giggles with my best friend, bonding with the in-laws, delicious stuffed catfish AND getting to watch my husband making an art out of crayfish eating. A lovely night indeed. As a side note, my dad-in-law sounded adorably sweet when he informed Tessa that her money was no good in Port Neches. Surrounded by loved ones and moments that left me all smiles, my heart felt really full and happy at Larry’s this Friday night.



After a morning of coffee and monkey bread, we made the hour and a half drive over to Lake Charles, Louisiana. We had lots of fun gambling at Isle of Capri. And by gambling, I mean Tessa and Robby did some gambling, I got offended that the machines took roughly five of my hard-earned dollars, and I then mostly watched my loves gambling whilst I drank free drinks. The environment and energy of those around me tend to be enough to make me so giddy that money spending is not required. Cheap excitement!


Later that night we made our way over to Puju Street Cafe in downtown Lake Charles. If you ever find yourself in the area, definitely do yourself a favor by visiting this eatery. What followed upon entering the doors of Puju Street was a night of scrumptious seafood and gumbo, rounds of dollar beer, socializing with a convivial wait-staff and, in general, an all around amazing evening.


Oh…Did I mention yet, mint chocolate-chip cheesecake!?

(They grew their own mint leaves!)mintpujoThe above definitely went in my tummy. And my tummy loved it. As did my tongue. This is me talking food porn to you.


Sunday (Easter!) was spent enjoying more time at the in-law’s place. Donuts and coffee and a good book were enjoyed upon waking up, Tessa and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and got only slightly lost, (She didn’t have her contacts in and I’m directionally challenged. Ergo, the blind leading the blind.) and a delightful lunch of sandwiches, pickles and chips were devoured for lunch. A charming end to an incredible weekend.

I just think life is this really enchanting thing. I’m really glad I get to share this really enchanting thing with really beautiful people. This weekend full of adventures and laughter was a great example of this really enchanting thing that I get to share with really beautiful people.

12 thoughts on “Port Neches/Louisiana Road Trip 2013

  1. I love your view on life Christina, you just make me smile when you say things about life being so enchanting šŸ™‚ Sounds like a great mini vacation, you look like you had heaps of fun! And that cheesecake? Amazing!

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