Happiness Is….(Part Three)

A couple of months back, I posted updates of what was encompassing my happiness as of lately. Here’s part three; aka the latest on what happiness means to me:

Happiness is….

  • Great friends and fun shindigs


  • Becoming a ‘Diet-To-Go’ Brand Ambassador. (More about that later!)


  • So many fun projects & resume-builders (More about that later too)
  • My husband being mister handyman. He found a broken Mac curbside, waiting to be taken away as trash; within a week he had fixed it up, good as new. He sweetly gifted it to me, and now I have an Apple computer, webcam and all. Having Mr. Fix-It as a spouse is really convenient (and also pretty sexy.)


  • These cool kiddos. A couple more weeks until I’ve been their nanny for a year now; makes me almost weepy knowing I’ll be leaving them soon for post-graduation things. Below you can see them with the makeshift ‘toys’ my car provides:


  • Registering for my last two classes before my August graduation
  • Speaking of graduation. Today I had my very last class (excluding finals) at Concordia (I’m finishing up my last credits at local community college), aka my university/home away from home of three years. SO bittersweet. It was pretty neat having this last ever class with friend Becca, whom I also shared my first ever class at Concordia with three years ago. Oh time, where do you go?!lastday
  • Little brother being in town this past weekend. Everyone always says we look alike, and I usually completely disagree. But I guess I can admit to seeing just a teensy bit of resemblance in the below picture.


  • My runs are getting faster; yesterday I got to over three miles at an average of 8:29 per mile. That’s a second under my goal for the year!


  • ONE MORE WEEK until husband and I are New Orleans/Caribbean cruise bound. Eeek!

There’s a lot of words that could describe this time of my life. Busy. Exciting. Productive. Overwhelming. Stressful. Fun. Crazy. But if I had to come up with one word to sum it all up, I think it’d simply be, “Happy.” And for that, I feel very blessed indeed.

11 thoughts on “Happiness Is….(Part Three)

  1. You my friend are living the dream!! Good friends, husband, school, and fun times!! That is so amazing that your husband fixed that computer what whaaat!! GREAT job on the running speed!! YAHOO! Another half marathon in your future?!

  2. You have so many reasons to be happy and I’m really glad about this – you most definitely deserve to be happy!! Time flies so fast, I can imagine you’re going through a lot of bittersweet emotions right now, it’s lovely that you will have so many happy memories though 🙂

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