There’s a lot of things I’d love to ramble on about right now. I’d like to go on and on about how excited I am to have just turned in my last final. How giddy I feel knowing that all that stands between me and graduation is two simple summer classes. How thrilled I am to be leaving for my New Orleans/Mexico vacation with my husband tonight. I wish I could capture in perfect words how blessed I feel to be so insanely busy doing the things that I love and am passionate about. How great it feels to not only be chasing my dreams, but to also be catching them. To have a life full of adventures. To be so loved by the people in my life, and to love them back oh-so-much. To celebrate knowing my favorite boy in the world (aka my husband) for five years now. But right now I’m having trouble finding the time, or the ability to verbalize all of these things just right. It’s all happening so fast. It’s a whirlwind of amazing moments. And I’m trying, I’m really trying to take it all in. I mean, I just got done jumping up and down in my kitchen. Why? I am just so overwhelmed by good things, happy things, exciting things… That jumping up and down in my kitchen just seems like the most appropriate thing to do right now.laketravis

Because sometimes, when you have too much on your plate and can’t completely wrap your head around the words that would suffice for all of the wonderful feelings that you’re feeling, jumping up and down in your kitchen is the very best way to celebrate.

(Ps: I swear I’ll get to writing about all of my life updates eventually. I’m pretty backlogged at the moment and there’s so much happening that I haven’t found the chance to write about yet. For now, here’s some pictures/captions:)

Girl’s night with two of my favorites:


Being a DietToGo Brand Ambassador means getting a week of delicious food delivered to my house in a cooler. Review on that soon!


Best dude friend of seven years:


My friend Priscilla bought tickets to a hockey game and sweetly gifted me one. Despite the fact that she spent a fortune and we had awesome seats, we spent probably five minutes watching the actual game; The rest of the time was spent in the bar area catching up, laughing and perhaps even shedding a few tears. You can’t put a price tag on girl-bonding, yo. (Easy for me to say, considering I didn’t buy the tickets)


I’ve known my husband for five years now. We were basically a thing from the moment we met, so I decided it was cause for a photo reenactment. 


Okay….VACATION TIME! I’m going to New Orleans! And on a CRUISE! To Cozumel! And Progreso! CAPS LOCK’S ON BECAUSE I’M REALLY EXCITED, GUYS!

(I might need to go jump up and down some more now….)

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