Diet-To-Go Review

diettogoAbout a month ago, I had the honor of becoming a brand ambassador for the diet delivery service, Diet-To-Go. Being a brand ambassador partly entails getting a week supply of free food delivered to your house in a giant cooler. That was a fun mail day.


Let me start this review by saying that I am extremely skeptical of frozen food meals. Especially frozen diet food meals. My past experience with Lean Cuisines and the like have not at all been pleasant ones. So, while I was excited to try these meals from the get-go, I’d be lying if I didn’t say this excitement was laced with a bit of hesitance. Luckily, my fears were not at all warranted.


Diet-To-Go is unlike any diet meal or program I’d ever tried back in my dieting days. The meals were actually really tasty, and many times I had to remind myself that I wasn’t eating restaurant food. The black bean soup, for instance. The vegetables tasted fresh and crisp, the broth had just the right amount of saltiness and the beans were soft without being mushy. I never had the time to put my meals in the oven, so this is how the food tasted even coming out of the microwave. And it wasn’t just the soup. The rest of my meals completely followed suit. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all quickly cooked and surprisingly scrumptious. Over the course of the week, I kept having to remind myself that I wasn’t eating out and that these meals were in fact delivered to my front door in a cooler. Diet-To-Go makes healthy that yummy!


By far my favorite meal was the Tomato Veggie Pie. The side dish of couscous was tasty but a tiny bit dry, though I completely blame this on myself for not putting it in the oven. Even with dry couscous, I happily ate this meal right up. The vegetables covered in gooey cheese definitely reminded me of one of my favorite meals, eggplant parmesan. And I can honestly say it was just as good as any I’ve ever had at an Italian eatery. As I ate, I kept talking out loud to myself, as I tend to do on regular basis. My rather loud remarks ranged from, “This is SO good.” to “MMMMM!” I was home alone, but my dogs might have looked at me funny. They don’t even know.diettogo3

(Pictured above: Chicken salad sandwich, tomato and mushroom salad and a citrus fruit cup. Delicious and nutritious!)

All-in-all, I am extremely satisfied with the meals Diet-To-Go sent me, and I am eagerly anticipating my June shipment. Because I am not dieting or trying to lose weight, I paired my meals with other snacks throughout the day. Still, the Diet-To-Go meals were always what I looked forward to the most. Even over my junk food! You know it’s good when Christina likes healthy food even more than her guilty pleasures.

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