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So, guys. I have something super exciting and extremely overdue to share. (Drumroll, please. Do you hear my imaginary drumroll!? DO YOU?! Okay, good.) Ahem. For the past few months, I’ve been dabbling in event blogging for SeeSaw Austin, a really neat site I have the honor of being a part of. What started out as a fun little hobby has really taken off and turned into a huge dream come true for me. I’ve gone from being a dabbler to actually being considered an event blogger of sorts. It’s already taking me to so many new places, building solid connections, introducing me to some amazing people and leading to some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. If there was ever something to be considered my ‘big break’ in the blogging world, this would be it. So without further ado and to keep me from just gushing for ten more paragraphs, I thought I’d list out some of my favorite covered events so far.

1. Tastings


So far, I’ve had the chance to cover two food tastings and one beer/cheese tasting. It’s funny, because I definitely do not consider myself a food blogger and have always shied away from anything related to such in the past. I adore food as much as the next person, but I’ve just never considered writing about it to be my niche. So I was equal parts nervous (1. To be interviewing restaurant owners in hopes of doing their business justice 2. To start using terms like ‘succulent’ appropriately in a written sentence) and excited (1.To be interviewing restaurant owners and be given the chance to do their business justice 2. Eating/drinking their complimentary treats) going into this. Turns out, I was able to talk to some really fascinating people, drink delicious beer, eat succulent things and have a blast writing about it all. Fortunately for me, all three interviewees felt I did their business justice. Food blogging, You ain’t half bad after all. And you make for some good eatin’ too. (Thanks again to Mouton’s, Bee’s Knees Bakeshop and The Dig Pub for a great time and delectable eats. All three are highly recommended!)

2. Ziplining courtesy Lake Travis Zipline Adventureszip5

I suppose this was the day that it really hit me–This event blogging stuff is starting to turn into something really big and crazy and wonderful. I was able to bring my best friend whom I got to enjoy a beautiful day and gorgeous views with. We zipped down the 9th longest zipline in the entire world together. It was a day spent soaring through the sky as the wind blew through my hair. It was moments that left my heart racing and my breath taken away and my face in perma-smile. It was an experience full of laughter and joyful screaming and bucket-list checking off. I couldn’t be more grateful to Lake Travis Zipline Adventures for the amazing day and excitement that was provided to Tessa and I. As a side note, if you haven’t had the chance to zipline yet, oh my goodness, DO IT!!! (I might be a little biased, but may I recommend Austin as the perfect area to try it out?)


3. Date night with the husband provided by Easely Amused 


I am a horrible artist, and that is an understatement. But this did not stop me from having an absolute blast attempting to draw my feelings for my husband, Picasso style. Robby and I sat across from each other and drew whatever came to mind when thinking of the other. Hubby’s was actually pretty impressive and sweet. (Half of my face is a coffee cup, which I found adorably appropriate.) Mine was…well, scary. I swear, I think of my husband as a great dude and not a sociopathic blob. Regardless of my skills, the staff of Easely Amused was sweet, attentive, fun and so encouraging. (Even to the likes of those on my artist level. Which is remarkably low.)

4. Flyboarding, courtesy Aquafly 


I mean, I’ve already written one review on this and I still feel at a complete loss for words in explaining how incredible this experience was. I was shooting out of the water to insanely, terrifyingly cool heights on what felt like my own personal jet-pack. (Technically, a giant hose was attached to a jet-ski which blasted water to a flyboard which then shot me into the air. Non-technically, I was on A WATER ROCKET SHIP!) I was sometimes face-planting and sometimes back-flopping but then, once I got the hang of it, I was flying. Not metaphorically or symbolically but really, with a little help from my rocket-ship-board-thingy, I was flying. When I asked owner Bobby Vance how he would describe the Aquafly adventure, he put it perfectly in saying, “Human flight; without the use of wings.” I couldn’t have summed it up better myself, nor can I thank him and his family enough for gifting me with one of the neatest, most adrenaline-filled experiences of all my twenty-four years.



The past few months have just been a whirlwind of some of the craziest, greatest moments of my life. And the end doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight. A question I’ve had to ask myself frequently as of late is,“Is this real life?!” Well. So far, so good. I’m at least happy to report that I’ve pinched myself and haven’t yet woken up.

13 thoughts on “Me, Event Blogging

  1. AHHH YOU are living the DREAM!!! Seriously you have IT ALL!! I am so jealous in a completely healthy way hahaha. It’s healthy because I AM SO happy for you at the same time!! YOU are amazing and awesome and so so so cool you get to write about these experiences! That water flying thing is CRAZY!

  2. FUN!
    We have a zip line on Catalina, another at the San Diego Safari Park, and one at (or coming to) Venice. I plan to try it!!
    I know they do that aqua flight in Newport but I don’t know if it’s open to the public. Looks CRAZY – but you look super skilled at it!

  3. Wow these experiences are amazing! And you’re definitely deserving of these opportunities Christina 🙂 I would love to get to blog about food tastings, I’m quite jealous about that 😛 And the zip-lining is so fun, sounds fantastic! I hope you get to take part in lots more events 🙂

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