Media Night Offering at The Bonneville

Between my Red Cross internship, event blogging, working part-time, and taking yoga class for two hours, FOUR times a week (My friend Becca laughed when I explained that I was taking this as part of my final credit hours. I am the most inflexible person I know. I can’t touch my toes! She fondly remembers the two of us partaking in yoga together months back and me, hair and limbs flailing about, mumbling, “Shit. Shit. Shit.”), I am one very busy girl. And I’m loving every second of it. Because I’m somehow lucky enough to be busy doing everything that I really love. (Even yoga, believe it or not. I think these crazy stretches are starting to make me more…stretchy?!)


My latest event blogging adventure took place at the downtown Austin restaurant, The Bonneville, where I was invited to my first Media Happy Hour. Me! Invited as part of the media! Makes me all giggly. I brought my handsome husband along and we spent the night drinking and eating complimentary and decadent treats, mingling with fun people (including the adorable and married chef/owners) and flirting with each other. It’s a good life, this one.


Big thanks to those at The Bonneville for great times, wonderful service, delicious eats+drinks AND really awesome goodie bags.

14 thoughts on “Media Night Offering at The Bonneville

  1. HAHA I agree with Nikki ^^^ I wanna be Christina!! SO fun!! I loved taking yoga in college, in fact that’s what really got me hooked on it! I followed my teacher to her private studio after I was no longer able to take it at college. (I took it three times hahaha)

      • Hi Dave, thank you so much for taking your time to visit with me this moinnrg about ART and much more ..your wonderful restaurant.I did find the website of your gals in Wallsburg. Thank you much for the tip. Best wishes to you and your wife with the success of your restaurant. It is folks like you two that keep the entrup. spirit alive. It’s a pleasure to get to meet you.All your days be wonderful,Cheryl

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