Event Blogging Adventures

So being an event blogger is neat. 

It’s a pretty sweet gig– This going on adventures, exploring my city, talking to wonderful people, eating delectable food and trying all sorts of new things in exchange for a review. I seriously feel like somebody has plopped me into the middle of a really great dream and said, “Here. Go Crazy.” So I do. 

-Paddle-Boarding with my main squeeze, courtesy SUP ATX.  A new, exciting experience spent on the lovely Lake Austin with my favorite boy. I should probably also mention the fact that the extremely patient general manager, Dale, gave me a mini-lesson in which I consistently paddled incorrectly and confused my left and right hand. He might have laughed at me. I might have blushed. This is all whilst my husband, also a first time paddle-boarder, is doing circles around me. Psh. But I eventually got the hang of it and paddled along, sometimes taking a break to stick my feet in the water, or feel the sun on my skin or to just gaze at my beautiful view of downtown Austin. The perfect way to spend a summer morning.


Pole-Conditioning class at Inner Diva Studios. It was a laughter, sweat and endorphin filled work-out. I love when exercise is so fun that you nearly forget how much pain you’re in, and this was definitely one of those times. I was even able to bring a guest, aka my friend Hannah, with me and we both ached for days after. (Cue John Mellencamp’s “Hurt So Good”) I can’t wait to go back.


Five-course meal, thanks to Spin Modern Thai Cuisine. It was love from first sight….and  bite….and sip, y’all. The perfect mix of sweet, salty and spice in every gorgeously presented taste left my mouth (and nostrils…and eyes) completely smitten. Pictured below is Thai Basil Mint Sangria, Tuna with Lychee, Tiger Cry (Spicy, beefy deliciousness) and Coconut Panna Cotta. Not pictured is Sweet Corn Taro Tempura, which is basically lightly fried sex, y’all.


Media Dinner for the new opening of the Austin famous P.Terry’s. I’m a little ashamed to admit that this was my first time eating here. Okay, really ashamed. Boy, have I been missing out. Mouth-watering, all-natural burgers, fresh-cut fries, and I even got to meet (the very sweet) Patrick Terry himself. Fun and Yum. FunYum. That should definitely be a word. I would use it frequently.


Thanks to all of the businesses that treated me to such wonderful experiences. I’m truly honored and amazed that I get to be a part of your piece of Austin. Full reviews on all four coming to SeeSaw Austin very soon!

12 thoughts on “Event Blogging Adventures

  1. Oh you get to do so many fantastic things, I bet you’re having the best time! The paddle boarding sounds so fun, I bet I’d be awful though! That meal is making me hungry even after eating my dinner haha

    Did you SUP? You only posted pic kneeling. I want to try it – might get to it this summer. Also thinking of surf lessons but I don’t think I’ll have time till next summer.

    ohhh.. wp is being bitchy again and won’t let me sign in as me. it’s leendadll

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    • You know, I don’t mind being called “teabagger”, cdienosring the source. My amusement comes from their reactions when I refer to them as “half-cocked suckers”.

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