Surreal, But Real. (Demo Diaries, 2013)

I have this really crazy, amazing, unreal story to tell y’all. Except here’s the thing–As unreal as it still seems, it’s all very true. And it’s happening to me. I don’t know where else to start this post but from the beginning. So here goes.


Back in May, I received a message from a cameraman on the site that I use to schedule photo-shoots for my modeling hobby. He said that he’d love for me to come out and audition for a commercial. I then read over the details and found that they were looking for someone “Outgoing, authentic, confident, charismatic”, “Very likeable”, “Willing to take the camera crew and viewers into her personal life and share information about her life and style.” and, oh yeah, “Someone who other girls would like to be.” Oh, you know. Only a little intimidating. Gulp. But the pay was more than great, the location happened to be right by my university and I was wrapping up the last bit of my finals. I was leaving for a cruise in the next couple of days and was working that afternoon but had a little bit of free time to spare. I thought about it and then I thought, “Why not!?” So I went in for the audition. I walked into a crisp, corporate building, went up an elevator and was escorted by an assistant into a room with bright lights, two dudes and a camera. I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t nervous. But the guys were so friendly and genuinely sweet that I felt myself almost immediately calm down. After a few basic questions, they asked me about my hobbies. If I was to pick a question to be asked in an interview, that would probably be it. I’m all about my hobbies, y’all. So I ramble on (I was still a little nervous and my rambling becomes pretty intense when I’m nervous) about my hobbies, probably glowing a little as I talk about my most recent endeavors as an event blogger. The guys are smiling and I feel giddy with adrenaline. Before I know it, the audition is over. But before I leave, Travis (cameraman who emailed me) told me, “I think you’re our favorite of everyone we’ve interviewed so far. And we really don’t just say that to everyone.” As the assistant walked me out, she smiled as she let me know, “They really haven’t said that to anyone else.” If I wasn’t glowing yet, I know I was by that point.


I found out in Louisiana, the day I got back from my cruise, that the production team also saw me as a favorite and that I had been cast in the commercial.

A few days later, I was meeting up with part of this team to go over details and sign the contract.

A day after that, I had the U By Kotex film crew begin following me around for a week in my life, filming for an online commercial entitled “Demo Diaries.”  They recorded me as I event blogged (I was trying out a new water sport that week, so it worked out pretty perfectly), hosted my on-campus radio show, went out with a friend, ordered a drink from a coffee shop (Everyone seemed a little stunned as we walked into a small-town coffee shop with a full camera crew. A barista proceeded to ask me if I was famous.), BBQ’d with my hubby, and even as I did laundry and vacuumed (Travis informed me that I didn’t seem real if they were just filming me doing cool things like flyboarding and hosting a radio show. I am very real, I swear it! Thus the everyday life things. Ha.)  

It was an incredible, surreal, insane, whirlwind of a week that I will never ever forget. I worked with an absolutely fabulous crew and cannot even describe how blessed I feel to be given such a crazy, wonderful opportunity. I’m tempted to say it’s a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing, but apparently that’s not quite the case.


I was going to wait for a couple more weeks, when the commercial aired, to let y’all know about all of this craziness. But then I got a call from the production team, asking me how I felt about doing a second commercial. Oh, and how would I feel about them flying me to Detroit to do so? Um, what!?…Huh!?…Impromptu vacation!?.. Filming another commercial!?…Yes,yes,yes!!! (That was basically my thought process within the phone conversation.) Long story short, and to condense the shock and excitement that I feel into a short amount of words, I will be flying to Detroit tomorrow night. The pay will be just as much or more than my previous commercial, which is crazy to me because I would probably pay to have an experience like this. Thursday I’ll have a wardrobe fitting. Friday I’ll be filming all day in the new-to-me city of Detroit. My heart started beating faster just typing the previous sentence down. I still can’t quite believe all of this is happening. I’m completely stunned, but in the best way possible. I’m dazed and grateful and thrilled. I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that as surreal as this all is, it is still real. So, uh, because I’m apparently not dreaming, I still have a bag that I need to finish packing?! Stay tuned for part two, y’all. Detroit, here I come!

17 thoughts on “Surreal, But Real. (Demo Diaries, 2013)

  1. OH MY GOSH! This is AMAZING!! You are so beautiful inside AND out and you deserve every bit of this!! I am so excited for you, and I cannot wait to see your commercials!! HAVE A BLAST!

  2. That is SO awesome! Almost as awesome as you are! You go, girl!
    I hope you have a blast in Detroit, doing the second commercial. I’m looking forward to when the commercial airs (and is available on YouTube so I can see it). Keep on soaking up everything life has to offer you. Take it all in!

    • Hi!!! Thank-you!! It was a pretty incredible experience….as much of a whirlwind as it’s been lately, definitely taking lots of notes to soak it all in 😀
      And yes! Will definitely be posting the commercials on here as soon as I can! 🙂

    • Blam: I\’m not trying to be ovlery sensitive about casting news; we didn\’t see Claire die, so I think it\’s safe to say she\’ll be back at some point. They just wouldn\’t leave her hanging. So any Lost viewer with an ounce of sense would know she\’ll be back in season 6. But the other thing is, I haven\’t read the article. I don\’t know how spoilery it is, I don\’t know if it has definitive information about S6 or an explanation as to why Charlie won\’t be back or if he 100%, absofruitalootly won\’t be back. That, to me, is not a spoiler, per se, but spoilery. So I can\’t tell people to go read the article when I haven\’t read it first to make sure it\’s OK.And as the person who runs the site, I don\’t put my foot down on something like that, I\’m just trying to avoid the dozens of angry emails from my readers saying they thought this was a spoiler-free site and now someone just posted a link to Ausiello that totally spoiled the show for them and they\’ll never be back. I\’m inundated by those every time the tiniest, eensiest thing is over here. So I have to be careful, and frankly, I want to be careful. I didn\’t see the Juliet thing coming AT ALL in the finale, and I\’d bet half the fans or more already knew about it. But I didn\’t, and I\’m happier that way. And I actually didn\’t go and delete the link. I\’m just simply stating that I wish they\’d let us have our fun a little longer, speculating on the ways Charlie could come back, before posting that he won\’t. And that I\’m not reading the article. The title was enough. 🙂

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