Denver in Pictures

I had such a magically perfect time in Denver, Colorado celebrating four years of marriage with my husband. I’ll let my favorite pictures (and, okay, some captions too) do the rest of the talking:

One of our first stops was the highly acclaimed Snooze for breakfast. Um, yum. We even received a complimentary cinnamon bun pancake to share. Can I say yum again? Yum.


Denver Botanical Gardens–By far the biggest and most beautiful (I want beautifulest to be a word, darnit!) botanical garden I’ve ever been to.


Oktoberfest– Robby and I both decided to participate in this beer/weight holding competition. We both lost, and I was the first to go in my group. I mean, those beers are HEAVY and have you guys seen my arms? They’re pretty puny, y’all. But you know, you only live once and stuff. And being a noticeable weakling was definitely worth also being able to participate in the Denver festivities with my favorite dude.



Denver fall fest. We tried out stilts! And homemade root beer! And a kissing booth! I just love fests. :


Pedal-boating! A new adventure for us. The weather and scenery were all kinds of breathtaking. And laughing on a pedal boat with the husband in Colorado is fast becoming a treasured memory for me.


And after pedal-boating, sharing ice cream (from the ice cream truck!) in the park:


Mexican food feast at Mezcal with this cutie:


Exploring the mountains:


(Not a bad view, eh?)


Yoga with a view (from our hotel room!) :


The Democrat” from the Waffle Brothers— Waffle with Nutella and marshmallow cream cheese. Enough said.


I’m just so incredibly grateful to have shared over four years of beautiful places, new experiences and wonderful adventures with my favorite person in the entire world.


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