Arriving April 2014….

Guess what, y’all?!

I’m so, so excited to let you all know that……


We’re pregnant!

To play catch up just a little—I’m four months along this Saturday and we hope to find out the gender in just TWO days. Since I’ve graduated college and have started working my first full-time job, the timing was relatively perfect for us. I have had a blessedly easy pregnancy thus far and am still patiently waiting on the baby bump to begin. Family and friends are all sorts of ecstatic and both joyous screams and happy tears have been shared. It’s a pretty awesome time for us and I couldn’t think of anyone better to share each new and wonderful moment with. Needless to say, the husband dude and I are pretty thrilled about our Baby B being on the way. More details to come soon!

27 thoughts on “Arriving April 2014….

      • omg!!! LOVE these!!! *made me cry!!* Anna & Mike, I can’t WAIT to meet the newest aditidon to the Legault fam!!! You guys have always been such a big part of my family, and we love you so much!!! *dances around*Echo Amazing job as always. You are perfect at capturing the serenity, and sweet softness that is an expecting motherhood. Your photos always make me smile and give me more to strive for every single day. ❤

    • Oooooh I am sooo chuffed – as a new beloggr I have never left a link before so I was really chuffed to see my name – I am now looking for the email address. Hopefully I can find it – being very technophobic – if not could someone help me please??????Big Hugs Sue P xxx

      • – haha, Charity. Which totally makes me mad, beascue I meant to send this to you, and I forgot. Glad you saw this. This was the FIRST time I have been successful with that pod you made! I have tried it every time in the last year and haven’t got it once. So very glad to finally use it!Thanks so much again! Those hats are always the mom’s favorites!

  1. AHHHHHH. I am seriously so stoked. I also commented on good ol’ FB, but this deserved multiple comments!! You two are going to make amazing parents!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Congratulations!

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