Baby B Is A…..


Amongst many, many other things, I am so incredibly thankful to have a healthy baby GIRL on the way. Husband and I are having a little lady, y’all! Brynlee Mae Boudreaux is expected to be here April 18th, 2014. Because I’m still on the slender side and fit into all of my regular clothes, I’ve been told more than once that I’m going to have a small baby. So I was pretty excited to find out this Wednesday at my five month/ 20 week checkup that our girl is actually a week ahead growth wise. I’ve been proudly telling everyone I can just to be tickled by the surprised reactions. My best friend told me that Baby Brynlee is taking my weight gain for me. Such a good baby already! Hee.

Some favorite pictures from last weekend’s football-themed (My poor husband married into a diehard Titan’s family) gender reveal party that my sweet parents threw for us (Thanks to my awesome grandma photographer for capturing the memories!) :





gr10inlawspinatagr9 Miss Brynlee Mae, already there are so many of us who can’t wait to meet you.

19 thoughts on “Baby B Is A…..

      • I am very sad to hear this news. Many, many fun and great memories of Gary.Playing vauiors levels of baseball with Scott and always Gary and Esther in the stands cheering us on.Later having a laugh or two at night at Castle Rock Park around the fire. I am glad now I stopped by a couple of years ago at the park to do this again. Always fun being with the Hill clan.After all these years I still have not met anyone who epitomizes what a Dad should be more than Gary Hill. He was a positive role model not just to his own children, but to all those who knew him. A stand up guy.To Scott, Linda, Kathy, Esther, and all of the Hill family my deepest sympathy.

    • my prayers and thhuogts are with all of you at this time of sadness. and i can\’t help but remember Gary\’s smile and laugh. it was a pleasure to know him and the rest of the family over the years at the Edge of Night motel when i was on the road so often it was almost like comming home when checking into the motel and sitting in the lobby talking about the week with a beer and good conversation. I often remember those days and the friendship the whole family extended to this traveler. we are all blessed to have known Gary and i will always have fond memories of him and the rest of you as i met you through the years. God Bless.

      • Eric -thank you for your post! I had no idea your neice’s condition, mldciaely or emotionally. But as a parent I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams what your family endured today . Prayers of comfort and healing are coming your way and blessings for sweet little Brynlee. Our daughters name is Brynne so it comes close to my heart.

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