All Of The Adventures

It’s been such a wonderful past seven days. I love all of the adventures.

Last Saturday, I ran my 6th race of the year and final 5k until 2014. (January, that is.) It was a beautiful day for a colorful run. And getting bombarded with pink bombs while jogging is exciting.

Before and after color run:


Later that day, my friend Becca and I found a random tree on the side of the road to giddily decorate. I jog past said tree on my daily runs, and it’s pretty neat to constantly see this tiny piece of holiday cheer we were able to mark on the world.




What happens when a girl coworker and I decide to take a quick potty break from a work ceremony taking place in a youth center:

We get pictures with Santa. Duh.


And hold hands with giant toy soldiers


And sit in the middle of a bowling lane whilst appearing to partake in yoga with a ball and pin.


All in a day’s work, y’all.

I recently signed up for a new volunteer opportunity that I’ve been excitedly anticipating for a couple of weeks now. I love adding unique experiences to my life list, and when they’re for a good cause that just adds to the loveliness of it all. And now I can officially say I have been a volunteer holiday bell-ringer for The Salvation Army! A girlfriend and I bonded and rang our bells whilst greeting and chatting with strangers this Friday. It was a perfect reminder of how awesome people are and how much goodness there is all around. In a small donation, a genuine thank-you, a shared laugh, a quick but kind conversation, or even just a simple smile. We’ve just got to keep our bells a-ringing for it.


14 thoughts on “All Of The Adventures

  1. love the bell ringing. all the ringers around here seem sad and/or angry.
    yesterday i realized that i’ve never had a pic with Santa. now i can’t even remember if my parents took me to see Santa when I was little. I mean, it seems like the must have. But, then again, without proof (or memory), I’m not so sure. Maybe it wasn’t such a big deal back then.
    I love your pic with the soldiers. And the one on the bowling alley!

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