Ladies’ Night & Magic Fingers

Last week I posted about an event where I danced like a super white girl and got a free massage and had a great ladies’ night out with my friends. I also ate delicious food and chatted with a dude with an adorable Irish accent giving out roses at the door. And heard a live musical performance from one of my best gal pals. All of this was hosted by a friend of a friend (aka the lovely Heather) who works at Gateway to Wellness, a little treasure of a place in my neck of the woods.


Gateway to Wellness is basically what it sounds like. A place you go that makes you feel more swell. To be a bit more specific, it’s a holistic wellness center offering chiropractic massage therapy, nutrition and even a brand new and snazzy yoga program. I told a friend I felt drunk off of my free massage last week. (NO, it wasn’t that second glass of free wine. Psh.) It was THAT good. I don’t really do many massages because I am incredibly ticklish and usually end up giggling my way through them. But the folks at Gateway to Wellness have magic fingers and I barely even chuckled.

I’ve also stayed away from massages in the past because I’ve thought them to be a bit frivolous for my taste (I mean, this is coming from the girl who only shops in the clearance section of Half Price Books.) but being a wellness center, these massages come with some added benefits. If you struggle with allergies, migraines, back pains, ADHD or weight issues, Gateway to Wellness can help with ALL of these problems. If you’re ever in the area, TRY THIS PLACE OUT. I am yelling at you out of love, y’all. You really need to experience the magic fingers for yourself.

Did I mention they offer a kick-ass ladies’ night?

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