The Journey (And A Photo Shoot)

Those who have met me in the past few years seem to assume that I am naturally thin. I don’t mind the assumption, but if you’ve known me or followed my blog longer than this, (And if you’ve followed my blog for that long, you are a loyal reader indeed. I tend to cringe perusing anything written before mid-2011.) you know that this isn’t the case. Many don’t know that, a few years back, I started a journey that ended in 40+ pounds of weight loss. I was at a completely healthy weight when I was full term pregnant, but I was still ten pounds under what I had been at my highest. Throughout my pregnancy I was told how little I was, and now I get those (joking, I hope) asking if I actually really had a baby at all. (I swear, I didn’t kidnap her!) The truth is, I had to work really, really hard for this. I jogged up until the day I gave birth. I was doing ab exercises when I was days away from meeting my little girl. There were definitely days when I would have much rather stayed in bed all day eating potato chips. It was worth it, but it definitely wasn’t easy.


So modeling for my first photo shoot post-prego last week felt really awesome. Because I’m not naturally a small person. Nor did I wake up one morning and begin jogging miles. I wasn’t born with anything close to modeling genes either. Because honestly, I really love Nutella and I really don’t care for apples and okay, I’m sort of really awkward too.

Much like the shots taken in this little-known, lovely little Austin park, all of these things have been such a journey for me. And though it’s sometimes been difficult, it has also been so beautiful. In the challenging areas, I have learned to never take for granted those things I now have that I wasn’t born with. And when the journey hasn’t been easy-peasy, I have learned that I am strong, and brave and that I probably won’t ever outgrow my oddness.

And why would I want to do that anyway?

christina-22christina-118christina-70Photo Credit: Dave Blake Photography 

20 thoughts on “The Journey (And A Photo Shoot)

  1. How was it to excercise during the pregnancy? It would be fun to read more. The day we decide to have a baby.. I really want to do the same thing. People have told me you don’t really feel like moving at all when you’re pregnant, but normally I have a real problem sitting still.. And I guess it’s easier to get back to shape if you don’t start 2 months after the baby was born.. (I don’t have any experience, which I guess you can see from what I’ve written haha!).

    • The first 6 months or so it wasn’t too bad at all, but the more baby I started carrying, the harder it got haha. After she was born though running felt AMAZING again. Even more so than before. My husband said it was like weighted training while I was pregnant lol.

  2. part of the reason i posed nude is because i wanted to say, “this is my body and I’m okay with that.” I’m really not – but neither do I hate it.
    I looooove the pic with the white shirt!!
    and you can’t fool me, you’ve been naturally thin forever, came out of the womb jogging, and totally kidnapped that baby.

  3. I think your dedication is amazing, and you’ve earned everything you’ve got girl. INCLUDING your rockin bod!! Fantastic photos, you are gorgeous. ❤

  4. Good for you for working so hard to be fit! I still can’t believe how amazing you look after having a baby (I didn’t know skin could go back to normal like that after stretching so much – you must have super elastic skin!). Anyway, I’m hoping that someday when I have a baby, I’ll be back to normal as quickly as you are! I definitely don’t mind working for it!

    • 🙂 Thank-you! Eating somewhat (but not extremely, had to give myself a little leeway to indulge while prego) healthy and working out every day! Mostly just jogging but some pilates and a cheesy youtube pregnancy workout video too lol. Boring secrets, I know. 😉

  5. You are so beautiful, have a great figure and clearly work so hard at it. Great post to remind people that it’s not effortless, and that they can achieve the same thing if they’re willing to work like you do. Stunning photos!

  6. I don’t know how long I have read your blog, but I do remember reading about your weight loss journey. I think it’s awesome how hard you’ve worked to get where you are! Your pictures are stunning, as usual. I love the first one especially!

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