The Night Of A Photo Booth, Magical Feelings And A Pantsuit

Last week, I brought my husband along as my plus one to the ballroom reveal of the Radisson in downtown Austin. It was one of those evenings full of magical feelings.


We had an absolutely gorgeous view of downtown. I wore my first one piece pantsuit. It was a pain to pee, but it was on sale and felt adventurous. My husband wore a button up shirt (a rarity for him) and dropped his raggedy old hat for the evening. I thought he looked stupid handsome. 


We sipped on cocktails and beer from the open bar, enjoyed the mouthwatering array of Austin chef prepared appetizers and took ridiculous pictures with hats and fake mustaches at the photo-booth. We chuckled and said thank you when told we were an adorable couple. 


I usually bring girlfriends along to my media events, and I love doing that. My gal pals are the loves of my life too. But sometimes it’s just nice to bring him. To laugh and banter and make more memories with the guy who knows me better than anyone in the world, and somehow is still pretty fond of me anyway.


Nights like this one remind me of how giddy I am for our five-year anniversary trip. And for the rest of our lives together too. 

13 thoughts on “The Night Of A Photo Booth, Magical Feelings And A Pantsuit

  1. How awesome that you brought your husband as your plus-one! That must have been such a special evening for you two. You really are an adorable couple and you rocked that pantsuit!

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