For the Love of Local Adventures

I worried when I first became pregnant that I would no longer be able to travel as much as I wanted to. I’m learning that most of my anxieties turn out to be unwarranted ones. Not only have I been able to travel frequently both while pregnant and with a little one, but I’ve also found a new love for adventuring locally. Whether five hundred or five miles down the road, I feel blissful as long as I’m in a new place with a good book and the smell of morning coffee. Add some nightly wine and a loved one or two or four into the mix and then the world just sparkles with magic.


This past weekend was spent just miles down the road in the little city of Lago Vista. My grandparents live here, so I’m fairly familiar with the area. It took a quaint resort and my mother-in-law’s fresh eyes to allow me to truly see how beautiful this hilly, green, deer-residing town really is. Add to this a heartbreakingly gorgeous read, plenty of coffee and wine, a morning walk to the lake, thrift-shop hunting and a surplus of happy family moments, and much enchantment ensued.weekend1babyloveweekend9



9 thoughts on “For the Love of Local Adventures

  1. your daughter’s happy face always makes me smile ❤ and i'm glad to hear that life doesn't change too much – since it's my first i hardly know what to expect, but i'd like to keep the adventures/coffee treats/wine nights/traveling on the agenda ❤

    • I had no idea what to expect either! My biggest piece of advice is try not to focus on the negative things you hear….you can definitely keep on with things you love AND you gain a new adventure buddy. 😉 Life obviously changes somewhat, but mostly in wonderful ways. So excited for you!

  2. I’m quite disappointed in myself for not using my layoff to explore all the adventures that I couldn’t do when working. But such is Life.. doesn’t always workout as planned. I’ll live vicariously through you.

    Did either you or hubby look like your baby when you were babies? Her photos crack me up because of how much she reminds me of someone else.

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