What started out as my first media event of 2015 quickly turned into a night of adventure.


My gal pal Emily joined as my plus one to the downtown opening of Lucky’s Puccias. This is the second Lucky’s but their first restaurant, the first being a popular trailer eatery. Instead of looking at my email I unwittingly just put the address into my phone, which took us to the trailer location. After walking around for a bit and doing a little asking around (and checking my email), we realized the new restaurant was all the way on the other side of 5th street. Oops. These mishaps are a common occurrence when you’re friends with me, but if you’re game, lovely things can come from them too. I make sure to always find friends who are game for my mishaps.

So we walked and talked and laughed our way to the other end of 5th street.

 We dined on deliciously cheesy pizza and drank tasty wine and were very merry.

Upon leaving, we quickly decided to take advantage of our walk back by visiting a couple of other bars along our route.


Right across the street was Donn’s Depot. At first glance, you wouldn’t know that this joint was anything more than a seedy dive bar. I’m a little ashamed to admit that, this being my first time here, this was what I originally thought. But looks aren’t always what they seem and luckily I have to pee a lot, as the lady’s loo shows the true beauty of this Donn’s. After starting a curious conversation with a fellow bathroom goer, I found out that I was drinking in a very old train. What is now a room to potty was once the caboose. Em and I proceeded to have a grand time exploring and climbing on the nooks and crannies of this spectacular urination area.  I’m not at all surprised that Esquire Magazine named this bar one of the top in the country. It has the most magical bathroom I’ve ever had the honor of tinkling in.


We ended the night at Kung Fu Saloon, showing off our skills of giant Jenga game-playing while simultaneously showing up the dudes playing across from us. Not to brag, but we’re like, really good at stacking blocks.

What started as an evening of Italian food and wine ended with super-sized games and a magical caboose bathroom. I adore the variety of this weird, wonderful city of mine.

Em and I lost touch for a while at the most similar points in our lives. She was engaged and I was married but childless, and for whatever unintentional reasons we drifted apart. Now she’s single and I’m married with a baby, and we’re closer than we’ve ever been. Life has a funny way of  bringing together those who were meant to be adventurers-in-crime.

6 thoughts on “Adventurers-In-Crime

  1. super-sized games and a magical caboose bathroom? count me in! and why am i not surprised that your night into a great adventure? that’s pretty standard, right? it’s what i love about you 🙂

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