Best Friendship And State Hopping, 2015


I spent the end of June and the beginning of July in the best of ways — Exploring and traveling with my best friend. We danced the night away in downtown Baltimore, were beach bums for two days in gorgeous Bethany Beach, Delaware and¬†went winery-hopping in¬†lovely little towns of Virginia. Small world as it is, another close friend of mine recently moved from Texas to Virginia. Last summer, Hannah, Meg and I were exploring wineries in Texas. It seemed that we were picking up where we left off,¬†sharing¬†hugs and wine and adventures in just a slightly different location.



Let me backtrack to the year 2001 and explain to you my long-term¬†love for Meg Tucker. She and I have been best friends for fourteen years. We met when she was nine and I was twelve. I had walked around the block with my dog every day for months, praying for a best friend to move into the very house she eventually moved into. I was brokenhearted when I found out she was a measly nine-year-old with a crush on my¬†little¬†brother to boot. Luckily she let go of the infatuation when she heard him tattle on me, and I quickly decided to let go of the age difference. The instant connection we’ve always shared has led us to believe that we are friend soul-mates. Always, we’ve had¬†a lot of qualities¬†in common and a lot definitely not in common. Current examples: She’s very¬†single and¬†I’m very not. I love to travel and¬†she often prefers a staycation. I jump into things and she takes her time.¬†We both have an intense love for people, new experiences and open-mindedness. She’s an ENFJ and I’m an ENFP. Our extreme¬†similarities mixed with our striking differences sometimes make us want to¬†momentarily kill the other, often quickly followed by the next moment when we’re¬†trying to catch our breath from¬†the fits of laughter. We continuously learn from¬†one another and are both more accepting and¬†understanding¬†because of it.¬†I find it liberating that she’s one of the few people that I can freely snap at, and comforting that she¬†knows things about me that I haven’t ever told her.



Briefly back¬†to 2015 now. In between all of our travels,¬†we made our way to Ellicott City, Maryland to BBQ with Meg’s fam. Every time I so much as step inside their doors, I am¬†swept away by a sense of¬†complete comfort and nostalgia.¬†Here is where I spent two weeks after graduating high school, and have come back to¬†often ever since.¬†This is the¬†house¬†I slept in after eighteen-year-old me got my belly button pierced¬†for the first time; Where Mrs. Tucker fretted over what my parents would do to her when I got back to Texas.¬†It’s where Meg woke me up early one morning by jumping on me and I, still half asleep, asked her the now infamous question: “Do you think I am an insect that you can squash¬†beneath your grasp!?”¬†Where Meg’s little brother once played guitar for us after my flight back home¬†was cancelled, and where I giddily spent one more night basking in the glow of my second family. In a world where everything changes, the Tucker residence has been a constant of mine for so long. Where laughter, drinks and good conversation are always shared, where Mrs. Tucker provides the best of home-cooked meals, where Mr. Tucker will always make bad jokes, and where I am affectionately and always referred to as “Tina.”



My evening this time around was spent just like I imagined –¬†Drinking margaritas on the back patio, being in stitches over¬†silly but treasured memories and staying up late chatting with Meg’s mama as Meggie snoozed on the blow-up mattress.




Reminiscing on¬†my week spent state-hopping with my childhood and forever best gal pal has left me with a plethora of new memories and happy feels. When I think of Baltimore, I think of partying until the wee hours of the morning, followed by sleeping on someone’s floor for four hours, as if I was still a twenty-one year old lad. When I think Bethany Beach, I think of a good summer read and mangoritas. I think of an exquisite creamy crab soup at a little patio caf√©, near the beach and on a gloriously perfect day. I think of getting unexpectedly drenched by the waves, shrieking and¬†giggling and frantically trying¬†to save all of our¬†belongings. When I think Virginia, I¬†think of scenic drives, great wine and even better friendships. I think of rooftop bars and heartfelt, honest¬†conversations. And when I think of Ellicott City, Maryland? I think of my northern home.

12 thoughts on “Best Friendship And State Hopping, 2015

  1. quick scan: ADORABLE PICS (esp the first one; double-especially because I can’t jump). Back to read later – when I’m sober. (yes I’m drankin on a work night… oh well!!)

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