How I’ve Stayed Financially On Track in 2020

This has been a year of surprises, to put it mildly. One thing that I want surprising me as little as possible is my finances. Despite the craziness of 2020, my little family has found some great ways to save money and track spending in the past six months. I wanted to share a list of those tips with you today.

Weekly checking to savings deposits

I set this up through my bank earlier this year. The funds go directly from my checking to savings every week. It’s such a simple way to watch my savings increase, and it’s exciting to see such a small weekly amount turn into a much more substantial yearly one.


Pigly offers a variety of financial calculators to help me figure out my finances both easily and efficiently. The credit card, home and education calculators are a few of my personal favorites, but there are so many to use that I know my favorites have room to change as my lifestyle does. The free calculators can be used for figuring out everything from loan payments, estimating investment returns, or just about any other important financial decision. Pigly has been a pig – er big – time help in navigating my finances during a year of such uncertainty.

Making home-focused investments

I’ve never been much of a homebody, but this year has definitely helped me lean in to the comforts of staying in. Two of my favorite purchases this year have been my espresso machine and wine bar cart. Having a little station for coffee and drinks is not only super fun, it’s also helped me to stay safe and save pennies I’d otherwise spend on to-go coffee and cocktails.

Freelancing gigs

Blogging and social media opportunities have been a great way for me to make and save some extra money this year. I also love that it’s a way to try new things and stay connected to the community, even from home!

Using the info at my fingertips

If you’re a millennial, you probably remember growing up as public (I definitely typed “pubic internet access” at first and I’m really happy I caught that typo.) internet access came to be. It was pure magic. As a kid, I used this magic for growing virtual pets and collecting online stickers. Now I can use it to do other magical things like check my credit and educate myself on all things money related. CreditKarma is definitely a go-to of mine. I love that they not only keep me up to date on my credit score, but also provide me with helpful advice, recommendations and graphs on account info. CNBC and Bloomberg are two other online options that offer helpful articles to keep my wallet well-balanced.

Paying it off

This year I’ve really had time to focus on debts that I want to make much smaller or get rid of all together. I paid off my car note this year and can’t tell you how excited I was to get that title in the mail. It’s also pretty amazing to be worry free when it comes to car payments. More money in my pocket and maybe for a few extra bottles of wine too? Maybe means definitely, by the way.

What are some of your tips for saving and staying financially savvy in 2020? Dish on those dollars!

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