Hi, guys! I’m about to road trip my way on over to Louisiana for the weekend to have a much needed mini-vacation with my best girly friend and my husband. Excited! But right now, I’ve actually found myself in the possession of a moment to spare (Gasp!) and thought I’d use it with a life update blog. Ahem:


My best friend and I were playing catch-up on the phone the other day when I told her I had never been so busy in my life. Her response was, “And that’s saying something. Because it seems like you’re always very busy.” Uh-huh. I am scrambling lately, y’all. I’m taking 18 hours this semester and was thinking that I’d have to take 9-12 hours this summer to graduate in August. I got my degree audit back and would you like to know how many credits I need to graduate this summer? Four. As if that isn’t silly enough already: A P.E. and an elective. I couldn’t help but laugh when I figured that out. You would think this would serve in making my life less hectic, but it’s resulted in some kind-of tough decision making. I really hoped to finish up my last months at Concordia, but I’ll be saving a lot of money and time by taking the classes at my local community college instead. Besides spring final’s week, April will be my very last month at my university/home-away-from-home of nearly three years. Through all of this hustling and bustling, I am really making a conscious effort to savor the last moments of my Concordia college life.

I registered for graduation on Monday. Besides that excitement, I have been presented with a few really neat opportunities in the past few months that have been keeping me busy when school isn’t. I have virtually zero free time right now, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Goals are being reached and dreams are coming true and stuff. My schedule is crammed, but it is crammed with doing things that I love. Life is insane, but it is also wonderful.

I received my first letter of recommendation from my favorite professor the other day. It made me happy. In closing, I thought I’d share with y’all my favorite little bit.

“In addition, I find Christina to be a mature and intelligent individual. She has taken the initiative to write op-ed stories for local newspapers, which have generated some impressive responses from readers. In every class she’s taken with me, I find her to be engaged and willing to learn. In particular, her writing skills always keep her at the head of her class.”

Well. Shucks.

Highlights Of An Incredibly-Amazingly-Spectacular 2012

2012 has probably been the biggest, best year of my whole 23 (Okay, fine….Almost 24) years. Because of this, I’ve gone back and forth on whether to even do a yearly review. I mean, how would I possibly fit this into one post!? The truth is, I can’t. It would be impossible to sufficiently cover all of the elation I’ve felt or to properly describe how much I’ve grown or to put into words every little amazing thing that’s happened to me. Still, 2012 has been much too incredible to go without dedicating a post to such a wonderful time of my life. So, without further ado, here are the highlights of my 2012:



  • Traveled to San Antonio to be a paid promotional model for SCW Models at the Army Bowl. I applied for this on a complete whim. After having an on-phone interview and being offered the gig, I went out another whim and just went for it. I had the time of my life, met some amazing people and cannot help but get all sorts of giddy every time I think about that weekend.
  • Began my ‘Theatrical Performance’ class, which completely took me out of my comfort zone. In turn, I became a better and braver person.
  • Ran into an old professor who, years before, inspired me and in many ways changed my life. Told him so.
  • Spent a night out on the town in a Hummer limo with my best friend.



  • By now on a natural high from doing things that scared the absolute crap out of me, I tried out for a part in the school play. Was surprised and completely ecstatic to get cast in David Ives’,’All in the Timing’ as a spitfire waitress.
  • Celebrated my hubby’s 29th birthday with friends and family.
  • Climbed a rock wall with dude friends.
  • Went to a BACON party. So. Much. Bacon. I’m talking bacon cupcakes and honey-Nutella-peanut-butter-banana-bacon sandwiches, y’all.



  • Traveled to San Diego with my husband. Sipped on mimosas in the Gaslamp Quarter District, had my hand sucked on by a giant Koi fish at the Japanese Friendship Garden, devoured delicious pizza in Little Italy, took in the beauty of Balboa Park, Went double bike-riding through Coronado and otherwise fell in love with the city of San Diego.
  • Became a Sweat Pink Ambassador for Fit Approach.
  • Regressed into 12-year old girls with my best friend as we watched Demi Lovato perform at the rodeo.
  • Partook in my first silent disco (aka putting headphones on and dancing the night away as djs played music into our ears) with this same best friend.sxsw
  • Partied at SXSW with friend Melody. We were invited into a social club which entailed a free photo booth, free drinks, free bands and a free t-shirt making trailer, courtesy Puma. This was an insanely cool experience.
  • Went camping with husband and close friends.
  • Robby and Tessa (Husband and Best Friend) threw me a surprise party for my 23rd. Felt incredibly loved and thankful.
  • ctx
  • Rehearsed and performed for the play, ‘All In The Timing’. In doing so, made some of my most cherished life memories and a couple of my closest friends.


  • Took my first yoga class.
  • Had a blast whilst watching the play, ‘Humpty‘, which was basically a perverted version of Humpty Dumpty.
  • horsey
  • Took a mini road-trip with some of my closest gal pals to Wimberley. This wonderful day included wine-tastings, horse-petting and having a waiter rap to us at a delicious and fun local restaurant.


  • Took my first tango class.
  • Started nannying for the two-year old twins that I’ll have the privilege of taking care of until I graduate.
  • Took a road-trip with friends to Shreveport, Louisiana.
  • beachh
  • Road-tripped and spent a fabulous weekend on the beach with some of my favorite girls.
  • Went water-biking for the first time.


  • Took my first Zumba class.
  • Started volunteering at both my local animal shelter and children’s counseling center
  • Modeled for an Etsy seller and was paid in jewelry.
  • An article I wrote was published in local newspapers. As it was personal and I never actually expected anyone to run it when I sent the article in, this was both terrifying and exhilarating. But mostly exhilarating.
  • parrots
  • Traveled to Florida for the first time with my husband and in-laws. Held an alligator, hula-hooped with my mother and sister-in-law, ate delicious food and drank delicious drinks, took a picture covered in parrots, and otherwise spent a marvelous, memory-filled week with my family.
  • July:
  • photoshoot
  • Continued modeling and became absolutely smitten and inspired by this hobby and the new experiences that accompanied it.
  • marathon
  • Ran my first half-marathon!!!!!
  • Spent a weekend laughing, boating and wake-boarding at a lake house retreat with my crazy,lovely family.


  • Flew to Maryland to visit my best friend.
  • Ran an 8k with my best friend.
  • nyc2
  • Took a bus to New York City with my best friend. I still marvel at those couple of days spent in NYC. Spending our time with New Yorkers (aka Meggie’s amazing uncles) made for an experience of a lifetime in the Big Apple. We slept in their cozy yet urban apartment, bonded with their apartment friends at a birthday party in which somebody’s dead aunt’s things were exchanged, drank champagne at a local bar with Uncle Bill and his work pals, and strolled through a park with both uncles to arrive at a delicious, Italian restaurant in which all of us flirted with the male wait staff. Of course we did the regular tourist exploring too, with a map and recommendations made by Uncle Bill himself. It was a magically unforgettable couple of days.


  • Had my first on-camera interview for my university’s promotional video
  • video
  • Partied on a party barge for the first time.
  • Started an on-campus radio show with a good friend of mine.
  • Ran my first mud run with two of my closest girl friends.


  • Celebrated three years of marriage with the husband.
  • As part of this celebration, took a road-trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma where we stayed at the quaint and beautiful bed-and-breakfast, Dancing Deer Lodge.
  • Had my first makeup artist for a photo shoot.
  • okl
  • Ran my first zombie run. Did not get eaten by zombies.
  • Celebrated Halloween by drinking with friends at a new, hip country bar and dressing up as a mermaid.


  • Was really encouraged by some sweet comments from two of my favorite professors.
  • Mini road-tripped to Dallas with one of my best friends and laughed hysterically most of the way there.
  • bungee
  • Bungee jumped for the first time. This was amongst the most terrifyingly amazing experiences of my life and it was a great reminder of how thrillingly fleeting life can be.
  • Had my favorite photo-shoot to date, and was proud to see and hear from photographer how far I’ve come since starting this hobby.andrews
  • After being asked by the Communication’s Director of my university, I wrote an article about me and my blog that is being published in Concordia’s magazine.


  • Snuck (Sneaked?) onto campus with two of my favorite ladies to Christmas decorate a Charlie Brown tree.
  • colormerad
  • Ran the Color Me Rad 5k, and ended up looking like a colorful work of art by the end of the race. This was awesome.
  • Drove to Elgin to chop down a Christmas tree with my aunt, her boyfriend and my husband.
  • Celebrated five different Christmases with my nearest and dearest. Rang in the New Year with the in-laws. Felt really blessed, because I honestly don’t know if anyone has as much fun at their in-law’s place as I do.


Whoa. Reviewing has just reiterated what I already knew. It’s definitely been an incredibly, amazingly spectacular 2012. It’s going to be a hard year to live up to, which is why I’m already in the works of planning a 2013 that’s hopefully just as good. Dare I say better? I don’t know. But cheers to at least trying for a 2013 that’s just as fantastic, if not more so, than this breathtaking 2012. Cheers!

Louisiana Road-Trip 2012

My (fun/adventurous/lovely) trip in pictures and (elaborate) captions:

A little bit of gambling was done on my part (More gambling was done on all other parts.) I’m not much of a literal gambler (I prefer metaphorically gambling on life stuff, as long as it doesn’t involve me losing money. I’m sort of a cheap-ass.), but I did have fun playing my first ever table game (Casino War!) and a few slots. Oh. And drinking for free. Definitely enjoyed that.

The Louisiana Boardwalk:

Exploring Shreveport: I road-tripped it up with friend Jessica, her hubby and his buddy Erick. Erick and I became fast friends (He thought I was “chill” and “awesome.” I thought he was pretty cool too, not to mention the perfect picture-taker.) and we explored together one evening while Jess and her hubby napped. I adored the historic beauty and feel of downtown Shreveport and couldn’t help but walk around with childlike excitement and wonder. I love the feeling of investigating my surroundings and seeking out this world’s treasures.

The Louisiana Walk of Fame! Terry Bradshaw had his feet where I’m standing once.

Boys pillow fighting:

Favorite Eats:

Bottomless tacos & margaritas from Smokey Joe’s and strong coffee & the best donuts of my life from Sportsman’s Cafe.

Elevator Group Shot:

I still have the afterglow from such a fun trip. I love traveling. I love road-trips. I love friends and exploring and new places. To get all of this together and all at once? Well, it’s pretty much like a non-sexual orgasm. I’m currently reminiscing, sipping on a screwdriver and glad to be home and able to cuddle (etc) with the hubby. It’s nice to be able to relax just a bit before a beach trip with girl-friends next weekend. Life is good, I am happy and the adventures continue.