A Life of Adventure

Being an event blogger has definitely provided me with some pretty amazing opportunities and fun times. This past weekend was no exception. Last Sunday, I had the chance to attend and cover my first red carpet event for the family Christmas movie, Angels Sing. I even got to bring the hubby as my plus one, and we both enjoyed the private screening of the cheesy but adorable holiday flick. Beforehand, as I soaked in the experience of covering my first red carpet event, I giddily snapped pictures of the cast of Angels Sing. The last cast member to walk through was Willie Nelson himself. Y’all, I met Willie Nelson!!!! I’m about to do a happy dance just writing this down. Can I say it one more time? Yes? Willie Nelson! I met him!!! I am pleased to report that he was as sweet (and sober!) as a kindhearted grandpa. And he’s looking mighty good for 80 years old! Lookit:willieandi3angelssing6angelssing7angelssing5

I posted the Willie picture on Facebook and a friend noted that, ‘baby technically was there to meet Willie Nelson. He/she is meeting stars so early!’ I had to smile at this. Little bean was also technically there when I explored the beaches of Puerto Rico and the mountains of Colorado. Tiny one came along for the ride as I jogged a 5k, and will come along for more before the year’s end. Small fry has joined their soon-to-be dad and I for a couple of outings on our boat. He/she was in utero for one of my modeling photo-shoots, and very early on, even went indoor skydiving with me. Boudreaux-to-be had just started growing when I was given up-close-and-personal seats to a Bruno Mar’s concert, and that same night, watched myself talk to the audience on a giant teleprompter.

I told friend that I was doing my best to prepare baby for a life of adventure.