Cryotherapy is Cool (And Cold)

The weather in Austin is warming up but last weekend I had a chillingly good blogging experience.


Ever heard of cryotherapy? I hadn’t until just a few weeks ago so I’ll give you the lowdown.

Cryotherapy is the use of extremely low temperatures – we’re talking up to -130 degrees – to aid in a slew of health issues. Decreased fatigue, better sleep, less body pain, weight loss,  a boosted immune system… .Really, I could go on with the long list of benefits all day. As a runner, I was personally interested in cryotherapy when I learned it can help heal injured joints. My knees are starting to take note of my decade of jogging, so I loved knowing that cryotherapy could help heal my old lady parts. That and it just sounded like such an adventure. And oh, was it.


I walked into Cryo Body Works admitting I was a little nervous about the extreme temperatures that I would be subjecting my near naked body to. The sweet gal at the front counter comforted me. “Have you ever taken an ice bath?” No, no I have not. “Oh. Well, it’s a lot better than that!” Good? Gulp.


Guys, let me tell you. If I took the coldest I’ve ever been and multiplied it by like, fifty-five and a half, this is how cold I was entering the cryosauna. They recommend you go in with nothing but your undies and these adorable little booties they let you borrow, so this is exactly what I did. No bra even! It got a little nippy in there, if you know what I’m saying. I stepped inside and the cold, dry air immediately welcomed me. It was exciting. AND SO COLD. I was told that the normal session lasts for three minutes, but that newbies usually go for two to two and a half. Two minutes went by much faster than I thought it would. I think maybe my brain was partly frozen too, so that was helpful. Through chattering teeth, I asked to stay until 2 minutes, 30 seconds. I cannot be the weak newbie!


I felt like a frozen warrior princess walking out of that machine. I survived! I had burned 500-800 calories just standing there! I did a new thing that made me feel like a human ice-cube! And really, I loved every frigid second of it.

Cryo Body works was the perfect place for me to dabble in cryotherapy for the first time. First timers get an amazing deal for their session, so I would definitely recommend trying it out, y’all. The staff was friendly and accommodating, and I was smitten with the relaxing, spa-like environment. The whole experience was invigorating, refreshing and made me feel just a little more alive. And also cold. Did I mention cold?

Note: I received my cryotherapy session free of charge, but Cryo Body Works did not otherwise compensate me for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Cupprimo Cupcake Tasting


Having a cupcake tasting at Cupprimo felt like the perfect way to kick off my birthday month.

You guys. Go here. RIGHT NOW. Eat ALL of the things. Don’t tell me I never gave you good life advice.


Cupprimo makes their cupcakes fresh every single morning. They have a rotating cupcake menu and also a permanent one, and you’re going to want to stuff them all into your mouth immediately. We’re talking flavors like Salted Caramel, Boozy Pineapple and Coconut Crème Pie.

They taste like pure happiness. Also they have great coffee.

The love and fresh ingredients used in the baking process are truly evident in each and every bite. It didn’t really surprise me at all that they’ve been featured on Food Network and often sell out of cupcakes. Though it did tempt me to buy every last morsel and hoard them all to myself until I fell into a cupcake coma.


I tried more than one mini cupcake where my response was, “Oh my God.” immediately after taking my first bite.

But it’s more than just their incredible baked goods with orgasmic icing on top. The real icing on the (cup)cake are the fantastic folks who work at Cupprimo.

They are funny and charming and kind. They made me feel like I was at home with family. A family with a home full of small, scrumptious cakes.


The owner, put simply, was such a bad-ass and is also kind of my new hero. Amy has FIVE kids, looks like a rock-star and has owned her massively successful (and tasty) business for eight years. She makes a point to always give back, donating to everyone from elementary school bands to the LGBT community. Amy and team often give leftover cupcakes to the homeless, and she volunteers weekly at a local shelter.  She shared one story about a homeless man who was sleeping under a tree near Cupprimo. Shortly before Christmas, she had gifted him and others resting under said tree boxes of cupcakes leftover from that morning. Recently, this man came to Cupprimo to order an Americano and to thank her. He was living in a permanent residence and had found a steady job, but hadn’t forgotten how Amy and family had fed him when he was down on his luck. Not only was my stomach happy during this tasting, my soul was warmed too. We fell off the subject of cupcakes quite a few times during our chat, and with each digression she inspired me a little more.


I felt lucky to have spent my afternoon chatting, laughing and developing a serious cupcake addiction at Cupprimo.

It is sweet places like this one, overflowing with heart and yum, that make me so proud to be an Austinite.

Excuse me while I go dream about Dirty Girl Scouts now. Um. That’s a Cupprimo cupcake. I swear.

(Note: I was given this cupcake tasting free of charge, but was not otherwise compensated to write this review. All opinions expressed belong to me!)