Really Great People

I’m behind with blogging again. I need to post about last year’s resolutions, and this year’s resolutions and all of the exciting things 2014 is already bringing or is soon to bring my way. But for now, I really think I should pay tribute to some of the really great people in my life. I’m a pretty lucky girl.

My best girl friend surprised me by sending this lovely necklace in the mail. I’m not usually a jewelry person, but I am rather smitten with this piece. It was one of my very favorite Christmas presents.


I’ve been fortunate enough to spend quality time with two of my favorite girls and closest friends over their Christmas break. I met Hannah and Rachel whilst rehearsing for a school play a couple of years back. Now we’re all very much in love, as you might be able to see from the below pictures.



Yesterday, the three of us met up for brunch. Before I left Rachel’s apartment, Hannah sent me home with two pieces of her delicious homemade chocolate cake. One for me and one for my husband. She also mentioned that Brynlee would be having her first piece of Hannah cake, albeit in utero. She takes care of my family, that one. Her request to be called “Auntie Hannah” when baby arrives will most definitely be granted. (Rachel is still pondering on her future title.)foampit


My friend Katie and I have shared quite a few adventures together. We’ve bungee-jumped, road-tripped New Mexico and Arizona, and skipped classes in high school to chat in the girl’s locker room, just to name a few of our past endeavors. So when I suggested Hot Lava Obstacle Course as our newest shared experience, I knew she’d be game. Guys. This place was awesome. It’s like a playground for adults. They have a giant foam pit of fake lava to play in. Foam. Fake. Lava. I love life and its random fun things. I also love Katie and the fact that, instead of chatting over coffee like most normal friends would, we spent our time catching up whilst lying in a giant pit of very comfortable lava.



Last week, I received this text from my best dude friend of nearly eight years:


He’s really not that hard to deal with. But hey, I’m more than 6 months pregnant. I don’t pass up free food.



He told me to pick somewhere nice. I picked North, a popular Italian restaurant in Austin that I’d heard a lot about but hadn’t yet been to. Bryant thought I picked somewhere snazzier than I did, and overdressed a little bit. North is nice, but not suit and tie nice. He wore a suit and tie. I probably found this more amusing than he did.

Maybe one day I’ll buy him dinner for dealing with me.


Now I must go, as the husband brought home firewood and we’re about to make smores over our first fireplace fire of the season. I couldn’t write a blog about really great people without mentioning that boy at least once.

From funny-fancy dinners to foam pit adventures, I feel so blessed to have the folks in my life that I do.