Hashtag Goals

So I have this resolution for 2017 to blog once weekly, and I’m already like CHRISTINA. What were you thinking?! seattle5

I’m in the process of writing three papers for grad school. I’m also writing a blog for a company I’d freelanced for before grad school, and was¬†recently asked to freelance for again. I obliged, because I’m insane. Did I mention I also have a full-time job and a toddler? Manic laughter goes here.

But anyway, here I am blogging. Mostly to say HI, GUYS I’M SO BUSY HELP and to get my once a week blogging goal in.

I hope to soon find the time to blog about my Seattle and Vancouver trip. I was so smitten with both of these places, you guys.


For now, here’s a picture of me and two sweet strangers I found at the¬†Trump Tower in Vancouver. It felt so wonderful to leave the country and to still feel such solidarity¬†with other likeminded ladies.¬†Though I have no problem asserting my opinions in person, I purposely¬†avoid talking politics on any form of social media. Part of this is because I don’t feel like getting into online¬†debacles with my¬†mostly conservative family. Another part is due to the blatant hypocrisy¬†and belief perseverance that I so clearly see on both sides,¬†and especially online.¬†But what is¬†the¬†saying¬†about a picture being worth a thousand words? That.

Damn. It’s 12:10 and officially Monday. Can I get an A for effort on this trying to blog weekly stuff?

2017 Resolutions

I was hesitant to publically¬†show my 2017 resolutions this year as I have a few lofty goals and a couple of scary ones.¬†It’d be easier to skip them if I didn’t flaunt them which is exactly why I’m sharing them. You guys get to hold me accountable. Yay!?


Here they are:

  • Run a full marathon (see “lofty goals”)
  • Visit three new-to-me states, one¬†new-to-me country
  • Graduate with my MBA
  • Take a solo trip (I have fond memories¬†experimenting with the starts of solo travel. In 2013, I flew to Detroit to film a commercial and met up with the production team upon arrival. Last year¬†I drove to New Orleans solo to meet up with friends and flew companionless to¬†Ireland to¬†then adventure with cousins. I’ve found all of these unaccompanied moments both meditative and thrilling. I’m keeping my options open here. Maybe I’ll have a weekend away in a sleepy little Texas town. Maybe I’ll fly to new lands. Either way, I’m excited for this one.)
  • Get a tattoo (see “scary goals”; I have one tattoo. I’ve wanted a second for years.¬†My one big¬†irrational fear¬†is needles and I was¬†a huge baby when getting tatted at eighteen. Like, the tattoo artist kind of hated me. But at this point I’ve given birth¬†to¬†an actual baby so I figure that process must be¬†scarier and I¬†can¬†handle this.¬†Eh?)
  • Record books read (Every year, I¬†devour¬†so many delicious words¬†and recollect very few of them. I hate that! I started on this¬†goal slightly¬†early, by creating a Goodreads account in late December.)
  • Blog¬†1+ times weekly, post to Instagram 3+ weekly
  • Vlog¬†Resolution Progress Report¬†(I want to have some way of keeping up¬†with these goals, and I’ve also¬†been wanting to start vlogging. Thought I might as well combine the two! This is another lofty¬†objective for me as I have a record of being terrible at keeping up with video blogs. Wish me luck!)

I’m doing my best to get off to a good start with¬†said goals.


I recorded my first book read of the year, The Girl With All The Gifts. I’m¬†no¬†sci-fi or fantasy fan, and usually shy away from books in either¬†genre. But I found this zombie book for 50 cents at a little bookstore in Brenham, Texas and thought I’d give it¬†a go. Y’all, I surprised myself with how much I adored this one. I originally gave it four stars but when I found myself still thinking about it¬†days later, I¬†went back and changed it to five.

Tomorrow, I¬†fly to¬†Seattle and¬†Washington will mark my first new-to-me state¬†of the year. This has been on my travel list for years, and I’m¬†eager to start¬†exploring with one of my best gal pals.


It’s January and I’m already feeling the butterflies that travel and good books and¬†new things¬†bring my way. So I’d say 2017 is off to a pretty swell start.

Christmas Trees and Those Things

Two nights ago we, in typical Boudreaux fashion, did some super last minute Christmas tree shopping.


My little fam and I found our perfect little tree and struck a pose. Bryn promptly took our directions to smile, but decided to aim that sweet grin at me instead of the camera. I love that it gives a perfect view of those crazy red curls.

We’re celebrating three Christmases this week, one with¬†each side of my family and a Cajun Christmas with the Boudreauxs. Maybe it’s having a big family¬†paired with¬†my¬†tendency to be easily thrilled by things like shiny lights, but¬†I have always loved this time of year. Having¬†a little person to share the joy with makes it all the more magical.

This whole month, and really year, has been one full of such magic.


The above picture was taken at a lovely winery in Florence, Texas this past weekend. I look slightly like a twelve year old boy from the back, but I love it anyway.

The¬†month has been one of wineries, and festivities and shiny lights and people that I love. The year has been full of self growth and progress. Baby steps and big steps too. You know those cheesy movies where they play an upbeat, motivational¬†song in the background? And the protagonist, through mixed moments of frustration and¬†happiness and laughter and¬†tears¬†and¬†screaming at her computer (or is that one just me?) eventually realizes what they’re capable of and shit? It has been that kind of year for me.


I’ll save the full annual review for later, but y’all, 2015 has been such a monumental¬†point in my life. Speaking of monumental things, grades recently came back from my first semester of grad school. The verdict? A 4.0. I was practically¬†walking on air when I found that one out. I felt confident about Critical Thinking, but my main goal was to just pass Quantitative Methods and Stats.

When I started my MBA, I feared failure. Many of the classes are math intensive, and I have told myself for years that I am no good at math. And you know what? I was lying to myself.¬†And I was underestimating myself.¬†I’m not doing¬†those things¬†anymore.

That feels like the best Christmas present I could possibly ask for this year.

Sipping Wine Out Of Styrofoam Cups

We had taken an empty classroom and turned it into our last minute study break room.

And we’re¬†sipping wine out of Styrofoam cups.


The atmosphere was light and celebratory. I brought the¬†bottle of vino as a “prop” for my group’s regression analysis. We had chosen wine scores and prices as our topic.¬†Weeks ago I had jokingly asked the professor if this would be an appropriate research topic for stats. Turns out,¬†it was.

When our stats prof walked into our study room to find us all mingling, I asked her if she’d like a glass of wine. Our cohort was in chuckles as she politely and amusedly¬†declined.

Tuesday night I completed my first semester of grad school.

I was sick and miserably attempting not to cough up an entire lung throughout presentations and four hours of class.

And yet, I’m still smiling with memories of the evening.

It may have been presentation night, but we kind of made it into our own little party.

Sam shared cookies from the cafeteria, offering them up in that delightful English accent of his.

In the 45 minutes we had to spare between classes, part of the crew made a fast food run. Jake delivered vanilla milkshakes to Tracy and I upon his return.

Much of the evening was spent in laughter. And cohort inside jokes. And impromptu second presentations filled with more laughter. Did I mention wine and vanilla milkshakes?

Finals are over and now I’m getting a month long break from how and with whom I’ll be spending roughly the next 1.75 years of my life.

I’m giddy looking at the stack of non-school related books I’ll¬†finally get¬†to binge read and thinking about the¬†family-filled holiday¬†memories that I’ll be able to completely devote myself to making.

Still, I’m already just¬†a bit¬†sad for the day I’ll graduate with my MBA.

Because I know I’ll be looking back, thinking of nights like this. When we sat around laughing, drinking wine out of Styrofoam cups.

Feeling Strong and Stuff

The past couple of months have gone by in a haze of craziness, a little bit of stressfulness and a whole lot of happiness.


Where to start?

In October, I ran my second half marathon and partied in a museum.

I renewed vows with my husband of five years at a cheesy little chapel in Vegas and drank pumpkin beer up in the mountains of Nevada.



On top of my full time job, I freelanced as a social media rep for a Mexican restaurant branch and got my first (literal) taste of what it’s like to be paid to eat things and attend fun food¬†events. At one of these events a complete¬†stranger all but made out with my cheek and at another I watched a real life¬†jimador harvest an agave plant. It’s all about those new experiences, y’all.




I spent Halloween dressing my daughter up like a pumpkin and later having a fabulous time at¬†a work friend’s place. When I asked this friend if I could bring¬†a¬†gal¬†pal¬†along to¬†his party his response went something like, “Yes! The less gay men, the better. Well, not the less gay men, but the more other people with all of¬†us gay men, the better.”¬†The people in my life are the greatest.




In November, I organized a group for and ran Race for the Cure with work buddies. I also had the opportunity to help give away a car to a very happy and deserving family. It still sometimes baffles me that I get paid to do stuff like this.


I’m in a good place to start 2015. Professionally, I am learning and growing. Socially, I am surrounded by¬†lovely people that I am pretty fond of. I’ve found a good balance between mommy-hood¬†and my¬†adventures and goals, and I feel fulfilled within all of these roles. I ran 13.1 miles after having a baby six months prior, and unlike my first half marathon, I didn’t throw up or even feel like barfing at the end. I felt awesome and strong. I’m proud of that.

I hope it isn’t too vain of me to say that I’m feeling just a little bit like superwoman this year. Because I’m feeling just a little bit like superwoman this year.

Still Running

Since announcing my pregnancy, I’ve received a lot of mixed comments whilst continuing to live in the nonstop fashion that I do. My mother-in-law, much to my amusement, told my husband to tell me that I needed to just relax and let myself get fat.¬†My sweet friend Rachel told me that¬†I still looked like a supermodel at five months pregnant.¬†(And when¬†I told her that my uterus was supposed to be bigger than a cantaloupe, she told me that I probably needed to be bigger than a cantaloupe for that to happen.)¬†After telling my friend Cierra that I could meet her for lunch after I got done cleaning and jogging, she¬†let me know¬†that I was the craziest prego woman she’s ever met. (I told her that I would take this as a compliment.) I think my poor mom is relatively certain I’m trying to give her a heart attack.run5k

Amongst many other things in trying to maintain a healthy and adventurous¬†lifestyle, I’ve made the choice to continue my frequent¬†running. My doctor gave me the okay on my first check-up, and that was all that I needed to keep going full swing ahead. My goal for 2013 was to run six races.¬†It’s an interesting combination to be both extremely goal-oriented and¬†rather disorganized. Things often get done at the last minute. Until September, I was only up to two races. I was¬†at three by the¬†beginning of December. I ran two 5ks in a week last week and¬†they were both incredible.¬†On a chilly, beautiful Thanksgiving morning, I ran behind a man¬†fully dressed in a turkey costume at the Turkey¬†5k. At the Reindeer Run, I ran¬†through a gorgeous, two-miles worth of¬†elaborately displayed¬†Christmas¬†lights on a warm, Saturday evening. It was¬†a breathtaking¬†(and only partly due to jogging) experience, to say the least. I’ve completed a half-marathon before, but two 5ks in a week¬†was still a new accomplishment for me.¬†I’m proud of myself for keeping my fitness level high enough to still be able to run both¬†with ease in my second trimester.


I¬†take in¬†the¬†occasional concerns of¬†loved ones¬†with both an open heart and a grain of salt. It’s been an important lesson to me over the past few years to¬†know that¬†I don’t always have to¬†follow what every friend, family member,¬†message¬†board or random fellow has to say. I’ve learned that it’s¬†often¬†more about listening to what my body, my heart and my mind wants, needs and can handle. Of course, I¬†do take into account the opinions of those who are wiser than I and those who truly want the best for me. It’d¬†be foolish of me not to.¬†But¬†sometimes it turns out that, before any well-wisher or self-help article, I know¬†what’s the very best for me.¬†In this particular case, my body has¬†let me know¬†me that it can definitely do¬†these runs. That it’s doing a swell job of keeping baby perfectly safe in there whilst I jog about. As for heart and mind, they love the¬†exhilaration,¬†endorphins and inspiration¬†that running brings me.¬†It sounds cheesy, but this being in tune with myself¬†before always¬†listening to¬†9,432,842,930¬†different incoming sources stuff¬†has been¬†such a¬†good thing¬†for me. I¬†know I would have missed out on a lot of¬†pretty amazing¬†stuff otherwise.¬†Like running behind a giant turkey¬†or jogging through a massively spectacular array of Christmas lights on a perfect,¬†magical December night.


I’m scheduled¬†to finish up my goal of six races for 2013 with one last 5k next weekend. I’m already eagerly anticipating the inspiration of jogging through crisp, morning air with my fellow joggers by my side. I’m still running, and that feels really great.

Goals and Party.

Picture above is my official-favorite New Year party picture.  We definitely did a good job of saying hello to 2010.

I’m alternating my new/old goals with New Year’s party last night. This way, y’all get to read my blog AND see party pictures.¬† Please no peeing in your pants with excitement, now. I’ve always been one to make lots of goals for a new year.¬† It’s nice to look back and see what was important to you a year ago, how you’ve changed, and what you’ve accomplished.¬† Sometimes it’s also nice for a good laugh.¬† I went searching and found last years goals scattered on my old blog. In parentheses I’ve x’d the completed along with a little explanation.

-I will pass college algebra. (I give myself¬† 1/2 for this.¬† I didn’t end up being quite qualified for this class but passed¬† with a B the only math class I needed for my major anyway.)
-I will get down to 125 pounds. (I don’t know, I’ve stopped weighing myself.¬† No x here, but the fact that I’ve learned to love my body without knowing my weight is a good enough feeling to let go of this goal.)
-I will figure out what I want to do with my life. (x. I want to write. I’ve decided on the four year I want to transfer to. I know for sure my major. I’d say yes, I’ve figured it out and have come a long long way from last year.)
-I will publish something I write.  (No, sigh. I did absolutely nothing to pursue this, and this will  be on my list again this year.)
-I will go to California. (SIGH. No. Dammit. Again, carries over to this year.)
I will become more organized. (X. A little. I’m getting there, I have a planner now, and that’s a start.)
-I will learn to close at Hannah D’s. (X)
-I will stay not impregnated. (X . This is an unspoken for my 21st year too.)

I will get married. (X. I sure did.)

-Get good credit. Maintain good credit. (X. )

-Prove my potential. (X. I’m not sure who this was for exactly. But to myself and many others, I definitely have. Though I’m always still working on it.)

7 1/2 out of 11 Ain’t bad,ay? Okay. Picture Intermission!

This is us being Charlie’s Angels. My gun…does not look like a gun.

Patrick is holding my face. I’m obviously intoxicated if I’m letting someone hold my face.

Us ole married couples. I love this picture. Nobody my age is married. Jenni is actually ten years older than me but I don’t care, she’s still married.

He lets me be his foot in Rockband. It’s the only thing I seem to be good at in that damn game.

Okay, okay. Intermission over. Needless to say it was a fun, drink-filled night. I was glad to ring in the New Year with my Starbucks friends, plus two of my best friends who Jenni oh-so-kindly allowed over.¬† I think it’s a good sign to be spending the first of 2010 with both new and old great friends, don’t you? Alright. Time for my 2010 goals! I’ve actually already accomplished a couple. Woot,woot!

1. Start a new blog. (check.)

2. Gain followers and comments.  Take more time and effort on blog.

3. Make and maintain best friend’s blog with Meg. (Check on the first part, and here’s the link. Promise you’ll be entertained with us. Click here for TinaandMeggie’s blog )

4. Look into and prepare for transferring to four year.


6. Learn to better balance friends,work,marriage, school,etc.

7. Be more honest.  Especially with myself, in my writing, and with my friends.

8.Average at least going/trying one new thing a week.

9. Travel with the husband.

10.Be a good wife. Work on my temper. Learn to cook and clean better. Um, much better.

11. Stay. Stay questioning, wondering,asking, hoping, believing.  Keep smiling, laughing,making friends, and making people happy.

12. Publish something I write.

13. Pay off credit card. Maintain good credit. Save a little money.

14. Learn to say no.

15.  Buy a house.

I think that’s all. I’ll add more if it comes to mind. I leave you with an amusing, drunken video. We had played King’s cup last night and at this point in the card game had to say “In my pants” at the end of every sentence.¬† I think I just felt like saying it randomly.

I’m excited about this year.¬† It’s gonna be a good one.