Life with Subtitles


It’s summertime and the living is easy and worthy of subtitles. Here’s what’s up:

1. The Big Cojones

Did y’all know I was in a dodgeball league? No? Because I totally was, and it was awesome. Our season just ended, but the memories and friendships I’ve made from playing on the Big Cojones have not. Side note — I did not name our team.


2. Pool party at the Dell Diamond


I kick-started these sizzling months by partaking in a pool party at a baseball game with one of my dodgeball lady loves. A pool party at a baseball game! How fun is life!?

3. DJ Dash. 5k?


My first summer run was an interesting experience. It was the first 5k I’ve ran that, uh, wasn’t actually a 5k. Being a bit of a running enthusiast, I asked where the timer was upon crossing the finish line. A kind sir informed me that they didn’t have one, and also because of our crazy Texas weather and muddy conditions, it had to be cut to only two miles anyway. And here I was thinking I ran the fastest 3.1 miles of my life. WHATEVER.

4. That Chinese kid


I’m going to stay with one of my best gal pals in San Antonio this weekend. My best (Vietnamese) dude friend of nearly ten years (Gah, that makes me feel so old. We were just exchanging notes in high-school the other day, I swear it.) also lives in SA, so I asked if he wanted hang out. This somehow turned into him overanalyzing how my family feels about him. I am not aware of them thinking any of these things, but he made me laugh just the same. I’ve told other friends I’m contemplating starting a “Sh#* that Bryant says” domain.

5. Cheese Style


Also amusing is when you text your dear husband a grocery store parody of T-Swift’s ‘Style’ and he has not even the smallest inkling of what you might be doing.


6. Excuse me sir, I need your hat.

Because sometimes at a brewery it’s necessary to borrow a cowboy hat for a good photo op.

7. Getting feisty with a floating elephantpooljune

I highly enjoy spending time at the pool with my baby, a best friend and a child’s floating device that I may or may not have been passionately smooching once a margarita entered my system. (Luckily my child was napping at this point so she didn’t witness such atrocities against her elephant.)

8. All in a day’s work


I like when freelance work leads me to the 28th floor of a building in the heart of downtown Austin.

9. That face.


It’s the one I’m lucky enough to wake up to every morning.

10. These two


They are just the very best.

Rogue Rescue Run 5k And Other Happy Things


Sunday morning, I begrudgingly got out of bed at 7am, after a long first week at work (Oh, yes! Work! This is for another post very soon.) and a no-sleeping in Saturday due to my glowing cousin’s out of town baby shower. Still, I got up and made my way to the Rogue Rescue Run 5k, benefitting the critters of Texas Humane Heroes. This was the first 5k I decided not to ask a friend to join me. I really enjoy my alone time in my daily workout routine, so thought I’d see if I also would in a 3.1 mile organized run. I definitely loved it. The beautiful, almost fall-like weather made it impossible to not instantly be happy that I was awake, early as it was. The race, as races always do, made me feel extra alive and at one with my awesome community. The air had the slightest chill in it, the wind was blowing through my hair as I jogged and here were all of these people running next to me for the same good cause. It was just perfect, really. The rest of the day followed suit. I brought home donuts to share with the still sleepy husband, and later had a coffee date with a close friend visiting from out of town. For dinner, I made homemade loaded baked potato soup, and I don’t mean to toot my own horn but then really I do, because it was delicious. That evening, I read a good book on my back patio and felt grateful to have my own patio to enjoy a lovely evening and a good book on. Later that night, hubby surprised me with my favorite candy bars and pretty flowers. Really, I don’t know how I could be anything but happy.


I asked an older gentleman who was working the race if he would take a picture of me. Below is my reaction after he told me that I was gorgeous and then confusedly questioned if he was taking the picture correctly or not.roguerescue1