Dirty Laundry.

There are other things that I should be doing right now on my day off. Laundry is a must before going out later.

I want a robot or a maid. Sigh.  I will do laundry today.  I will be a good wife. I feel like the husband is every once in a while entitled to come home and see a pretty apartment.  This love thing baffles me still. I’m young, I’m messy, I’m not very nice to him–What and how did I sucker this guy in? Maybe I should write a how to on How-To-Be-a-Bad-Wife-And-Still-Get-Love-and-Sex. Eh!?  I don’t even know how though, I just seem to ad-lib.

Speaking of laundry. I like the phrase ‘Dirty Laundry.’ I like secrets. I think we all have our fair share and I think this is partly why  I find myself so interested in other peoples lives and part of the reason I make so many friends. I want to know what’s wrong with everyone. It’s fascinating. There’s this facade we all put up, these lies, this cover.  But I’m learning the more I grow up, every single one of us has a crack.  Just dig a little deeper, fold a little more clothes. You’ll find it.

Letting y’all in on a little secret, something I do that I probably shouldn’t is dig too deep.  I tend to purposely push people to their limits to get a reaction. I’ve done this my whole life and it continues.  Everyone has a limit and I like to see where that is. Because I’m good at playing dumb people tend to just think I don’t know what I’m doing. But I do. It’s a game to me. Roll the dice, play the right card, how much longer before I can crack you, kind of thing. Every person has at least a little psycho waiting to be unleashed somewhere inside of them,and it’s the most honest, hidden part there is.

Changing topics here. You know what irks me? When somebody tells me “You don’t really have a choice.”  Oh, oh,oh. Honey Love Sugar Plum Dear Baby Cakes. I always have a choice. I may choose the wrong over the right, to be stupid instead of smart, death over life–but it’s still up to me.  You may not like my decision, but it’s mine to make. Thank-you.  I choose to start folding a little laundry now.