GhostPillow Review

If there’s one thing to know about my little family, it’s that you shouldn’t wake us up. We love our sleep, and we wake up very, very slowly.


I’ve always been more of a night owl than morning bird, and I definitely believe that the worm can be caught any dang time of the day or evening. I’ve been known to send my boss and fellow team members emails at 1 am. I also proudly break the rule of not working from the place you sleep. I don’t think I need to sacrifice my comfort to be productive. I also have a pillow that makes leaving my bed a very heartbreaking moment.

GhostPillow is a cooling pillow that feels like sleeping on a cloud. Or air. Or bliss. Or a blissfully airy cloud. These summer months in Texas have been especially brutal for the past couple of months, but I forget that every time I lay my head down. It’s what dreams are made of. Light and soft and cool and magnificent. This is due to the magnificent sleep scientists who have developed the Patent Pending thermo-sensitivity technology to sense heat and adjust to keep the sleep environment temperature cool – aka a pillow that stays cool all night. This beauty also keeps moisture away and offers immediate cool burst airflow as soon as I lay my head down. It’s like magic, but better. It’s pillow science.

Some added bonuses? A 101- Night Sleep Trial, Free Shipping AND industry leading five year warranty.

And as someone who travels often and has slept on many an uncomfortable hotel pillow, I absolutely cannot wait to bring along the game changer that is the GhostPillow.

To be totally transparent (Get it?! Ghost?!…Transparent?!….Okay, I’ll stop), I am totally in love with my luxurious new sleep-partner, and I would really just love to scream it from the rooftops. But since I don’t have a rooftop handy at the moment, I’ll scream it from my blog. Ahem. I LOVE MY GHOST PILLOW!

Disclaimer – I received my GhostPillow free of charge. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.