How To Drink Your Wine And Have White Teeth Too

If you know me, you know that I am a huge fan of both coffee and red wine. If you know teeth, you know that’s not ideal for those pearly whites. 

Still, it’s important to me to keep my teeth as bright, shiny and healthy as possible, so I’ve tried a little bit of everything. That includes Crest White Strips, a slew of different whitening toothpastes and even a professional whitening treatment about six months ago. I’ve noticed results from all on different levels. The professional whitening treatment was the one that provided the most drastic results, but it was too pricey for me to keep up on a regular basis. I figured I would just have to be happy with the more minimal at-home solutions save the once or twice a year I planned on treating myself to an in-office treatment.


Enter Smile Brilliant. Their team recently reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying their in-home whitening kit. It was perfect timing, as I was trying to decide between another professional treatment or a grocery store bought kit. I figured the kit would be similar to the other at-home kits I had used in the past. They definitely proved me wrong on that front.

This kit was completely tailored to me and my teeth. My first box received included the whitening material and a playdough like mold to apply to my teeth. I sent these molds back to Smile Brilliant, and they sent me exact replica trays of my teeth in plastic form. Seriously! It was pretty crazy to see my teeth in a more flexible form, but it also made me realize that Smile Brilliant is not here to play. They mean business with this teeth whitening stuff.

Y’all, I was so amazed by how simple and effective this process was. Not only did I receive teeth whitening gel syringes, I also received desensitizing gel syringes to apply after the process. I added these gels to my teeth trays and then put those perfectly-fitted trays on my teeth. Really, it was that easy. I’ve tried kits in the past that have been uncomfortable or messy, but this just felt like I was wearing a second and lighter pair of my own teeth. That sounds strange, but trust me on this one, it’s ideal for a teeth-whitening experience. There was no pain and little sensitivity, and the results were incredible. It only took a couple of treatments for me to start seeing the whitening process do its work.

This convenient and cost-effective product was just as effective as a professional treatment. My teeth are whiter and brighter than ever, coffee and red wine drinking habits included. And that has caused me to Smile Brilliant indeed.